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Does anybody has heard about stem cell treatment for cancer?

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There is an alternative treatment for cancer patients in Tijuana, Mexico. Issel treatment. Has anybody heard about this treatment?

Thank you,


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Hello Nubis,
You might not recall, but you asked the same question about a month ago in a
lung cancer thread. I know I can't add anything more to what was said - I gather you are looking for more positive reports on the place than we gave you? I hope for you and your husband's sake that you will find something that will really help him - personally, I don't think a clinic in Mexico will do the job. Best of wishes to both of you,

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Yes, I had a stem cell treatment done. They used my own cells that they harvested between treatments, sorted and froze them and gave them back to me after receiving treatment. I'm not really sure what all you want to know, though, and I don't think it's fool-proof. So, uh..yeah.

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I believe a doctor on the West Coast just treated a woman a couple weeks ago with brain cancer using stem cells. Of course, still way too soon to know how the woman is doing. Widely reported in the news.

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