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Dietary advise, please help.

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My son was recently diagnosed with ALL. I'm confused by dietary guidelines as most oncologists often advise to go for normal eating habits. I'm caught in dilemma, not knowing which one to go for. I ache for my son, he doesn't take any more candy bars and chips, part of his childhood has been taken away...
I'm always in fear the cancer will return, life is not the same anymore. I just move on one day at a time. Now, I do not know what is best for my son anymore...

susan smiles
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Dear meomy, I'm a cancer survivor of 8 years, which is remarkable for my type of cancer. I had breast cancer with HER-NEU expressor genes positive 3, worst case scenario, because this is a genetic form of cancer, I will always live in fear of having cancer come back. I also think this is now true for everyone, given the fact our air, water, environment is so polluted. So understanding cancer is a daily fight, for all of us is important.
This I hope, will help you with a child especially, there is an accepted sugar a cancer patient can use, and only this form would be safe, called Xylitol. It can increase the white blood cell count, and does not feed the cancer. My husband is a personal chef and we have found the best source is Global Sweets on-line. The reason is because this company produces xylitol made from birch bark instead of xylitol made from corn that is GMO. We order 50 lb. bags because it's cheaper. They also have a good cookbook on the sight.
My husband makes a lemon Granita for me with it. How is your son doing? Hope this will make him smile. I'm a grandparent of three, and very grateful to have seen them grow up so far.

Susan smiles

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damn it why when I asked my doctor about a diet that won't feed the cancer I was ignored? or why aren't cancer patients given special diets. It makes sense that the cancer is hungry for sugar, but is it actually possible to feed the body a sugar the cancer doesn't like? or is this just a controvercial finding?

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