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I am sure some of you already know this but I have found that all though I am in remission, nothing feels better than a small nap during the day. Friends that have not been through it don't understand. They say I look just like I did,(except the long scar on my stomach) and can't understand why I still get run down. Does anyone else still get more tired than they used to an just need a little nap or am I just being a little lazy like one idiot said.

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I don't nap because I'd never be able to sleep at night! I do get tired though. Of course, I have two young kids at home so I don't have the luxury of just being able to nap or rest when I feel like it. It was easier to find 'me time' when school was in session. I am also super busy despite being on chemo. I tend to be a type A person and neurotic about keeping my house orderly. I realize I cannot keep up. I have thought about getting a housekeeper to come once every other week or so to help me out.

I do get the same thing about how I look. People always tell me I look healthy so the chemo must be working. Most of the time I dont' bother trying to explain that I've been on chemo since January and nothing has made my cancer stop growing.

Give yourself a break and take a nap if you feel like!!!!

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Thanks Nancy,
I never napped before because I also am a type A. I used to run 3 convenience stores, but my kids are teenagers so they are ok with it. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one people say that to. I will continue my naps so I can spend my evenings with my kids, waiting for them to get home from dates, dances ect. I know you have young children so maybe a housekeeper would help. I am finding that my priorities are different now. The house can wait.

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Lori, I have to nap once a day or I am in bed by 4pm. I also look healthy and people tell me that all the time and assume I am done with treatments. I remember being very neurotic about my house when the kids were small, now they are grown up and out. And like you and I am sure most my priorities have changed full circle. You need to listen to your body more and less of others. Some have no clue. Nancy, I agree to the housekeeper...lighten your load.

Just my two cents :-} pam

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Dear Lori, I am a napper and have been told your body rebuilds cells when you are resting. It does keep me from sleeping at night, I guess if it did I would press through it. Our bodies take a long to recover, from surgery and chemo. You are not lazy like the idiot said, have them go through what you have and I bet they would change their comment quickly. Prayers ♥ Hugs from one happy napper to another ☺

Cindy Bear
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Lori, Most days I would love a nap and I haven't had cancer.. Naps are supposed to be very good for you. The person that said you were lazy is an idiot. You're right, I think most people who haven't been thru it (as patient or caretaker) don't understand. A good friend of mine, completed treatment for BC a couple of years ago. She is doing well but it took about a year after the last treatments before she felt like her old self energy wise. Sleep is so important to our well being, I say grab it when you can.

To Nancy591.. Nancy, forgive me for asking this it's none of my business I know, but I've never heard you mention your husband. I hope that he is supportive and able to pick up some of the slack as far as the kids and laundry and housework etc. I think it's a very good idea to get someone to help while you're going thru treatment. Take as much burden off yourself as possible and no reason to feel guilty.

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Thank you for caring enough to ask!!! Yes, I am married. To a wonderful husband. My husband works....alot. He usually works 7 days a week. He leaves and sunrise and is usually home by dinner time. Sometimes I do feel like a single parent!!! I get the kids off to school by myself but he is usually home to help me get them ready for bed and clean up the dinner mess. When the kids were in school I had enough 'down time' to be able to get the housework done and time to kick back and do nothing. Now that school is out it can get a bit overwhelming. I probably cook 5 nights out of 7. Sometimes less. Either he will cook or we'll order out. I guess I DO feel guilty about the house since I am home all day. He never complains about a messy house...I'm the one who is anal about that!! My husband was a workaholic before my illness, before we had kids. Sometimes I worry, if I am gone, he will overwhelmed with the amount of work involved with raising the kids. I worry he will spend too much time working. He works for a town municipality and he has his own thriving business. We already discussed though, if I passed away, he would leave his primary job. Right now his primary job is the one that carries my WONDERFUL health insurance. My husband has a goverment employee insurance plan.

Sorry to ramble........

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Posts: 94
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Thank you for your comments. It has made me realize that this may just be a new normal for me. Bless you all for your support and also helping me realize I am not alone in this fight. We each have our own burdens but it great to have someone to share them with.

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Add me to the pro-nap crowd. If I get up really early (which I don't, unless there is some compelling reason that I can't get out of), I will take TWO naps - one in the late morning and one in the afternoon.

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Your two nap comment made me smile really big!! What a great idea. I think I will share that with my mom.

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I've always been a napper. Who cares? My problem is convincing my friends not to telephone between 1 and 3. Sometimes I just read, but it is my time. Saundra

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I told my oncolgist how TIRED I get each afternoon, asking what I could do about the fatigue. He said "take a nap". HA!

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I try to lay down for a couple hours at least to rest, I usually can not sleep but the rest helps the tiredness

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Linda....I complained to my oncologist about fatigue, too and he suggested we stop the Taxol maintenance! I told him to forget that idea. I may be tired, but I'm not that tired.

He said it's a quality of life issue. I said, "Yeah....well, you have to actually have a life, or its quality doesn't matter. So I'll keep doing the chemo, thank you very much."


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I am still in treatment but I get tired. I will be starting post-surgery chemo on Wed. It's five weeks since my surgery and although I have felt really good for about a week, I know I need rest. People don't seem to understand. Even family and friends who are going through this with me are constantly pushing me to get up, walk, eat. Sometimes I just don't feel like it. I discuss everything with my doctors even telling them when I think I may be babying myself too much. They say; do what feels right to you. Of course they also want me to move but they let me be the judge. My mom told me that my cousin who has been a godsend through this told her that I stay in bed too much. I really thought she understood. Oh well, no one walks in my shoes or yours. Take care of yourself as you see fit. Going through treatment takes a toll and no one can place a time limit on when we feel fully recuperated. I have many friends without cancer who take naps more than I do. Why do people care?

Luv, Karen

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I say, "Never underestimate the power of a good nap". Even 20 minutes around 4pm makes all the difference in the world. I've always believed this....especially during chemo.

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You are not alone.

I can't wait till my next re-energizing nap. I just love naps now.

If I don't get a nap in, at the end of my day; I will retire early.

Since my energy level has never quite gotten back it's normal zest, I have no
choice but to dole out my energy throughout the day.

Naps to the rescue! ! !


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Never been a napper even during chemo. But I did rest alot, just couldn't sleep during the day. My husband however is a power napper. He can sleep for abut 5 minutes and be ready to take on the world.

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I love a good nap in the afternoon. As far as Lazy: I know some people who look busy every single minute of the day and never accomplish a darn thing!
Do what you like!

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Tina Brown
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No way are you lazy, I am tired all the time. My chemo finished March 26th this year and I am exhausted most of the time. I don't nap in the day but I am bone tired. I don't really know why the fatigue stays with me? I am quite healthy in myself but find my energy levels are quite low and whenever I exercise it wipes me out. Is the chemo still in our bodies?

Tina xx

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