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In the early stage of kidney cancer, there are often no symptoms. Kidney tumors can become very large before causing symptoms. When symptoms do occur, the most common one is blood in the urine (hematuria). There is generally no pain during urination.

Other common symptoms include mass or lump in the abdomen and back pain or flank pain. Less common symptoms include weight loss, fatigue, anemia, and fever.

Complications of kidney cancer can create additional symptoms. Complications can include kidney failure and spread the tumor into major veins, such as the renal vein and the inferior vena cava. Complications also include blood clots and metastasis of the kidney cancer into surrounding tissues and into the lymph nodes and other organs, such as the lungs, liver, bones and brain.

more detail: www.mesotheliomainjurylawyerquote.com

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Putting aside the reference to more detail at an attorney's website which does not work, there is some good and not so good information provided in the comment. As most of us know Kidney Cancer is difficult to diagnose from symtoms which mask themselves as other ailments. Fortunately a little over 50% of us are diagnosed before the tumor gets very large and starts metasticising and as to that fortunate 50 plus % (myself luckily included) surgery generally does cure Kidney Cancer. The best diagnostic tool for Kidney Cancer is the C-T scan which is generally not offered until a finding such as blood in the Urine or is offered for symtoms which are believed to be unrelated to Kidney Cancer and the Kidney Cancer is diagnosed.. After we are dignosed with Kidney Cancer we play Monday morning quarterback and realize we did have other symtoms which neither we or our doctor connected the dots to Kidney Cancer. The specific part of the post I disagree with is the statement that Kidney Cancer can become very large before causing symptoms. The symptoms are there, but the dots have not been

I believe that the subject of symtoms for Kidney Cancer deserves a lot more attention and discussion especially in the medical profession among general practitioners.

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You are so right, icemantoo. When my tumor was discovered I was sent to a urologist who specialized in urologic oncology. He questioned me at great length and in great detail. A year before the back pain began, I started having, what I thought were, massive hot flashes. I was already on the highest dose of premarin (HRT) and was baffled why I'd suddenly be having these horrible sweats! The 'hot flashes' ended as mysteriously as they came. The winter before my tumor was discovered I had the flu like never before that lasted nearly the entire winter. I was so fatigued that I struggled to walk to/from my car in the lot, walk one flight of stairs. I got up in the morning, went to work, came home and went to bed. I had no blood in the urine but the back pain was what sent me to the doctor when, by accident, RCC was discovered. The urologist said that the 'symptoms' I had, taken individually, would naturally be blown off. Put them all together and - well, there it is.

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Oh my, I have not heard anyone else being hot! Me too! I had been sooooo hot for the past 3 years. It was awful. In January, I was wearing tank tops, in Ohio!!!!! I went to my family Dr. several times and she was very proactive. I had blood tests, thyroid test, everything. She even mentioned getting scanned at a free-standing place and pay a flat $100, but when I went they said I couldn't do it if I thought I might be pregnant. So, I figured I was being silly. Then she sent me to my gyno (I am only 33) thinking it was hormonal, I had every test both invasive and noninvasive. He was concerned it could be heart related. The cardiologist did find a small hole in my heart, but nothing that would cause the heat. So, I figured it was hormones from delivering our son at 5 months (still-birth, devistating 4 years ago).

Well, since my kidney was removed a month ago, along with the 9cm tumor in it, I have been "normal" and am back to bringing a sweater along with me:)

No once ever guessed, why would they? So weird, especially at my age:( May God bless you and hold you in the palm of his hand.

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Hi! I can really relate to this one! Having just passed through menopause, I thought it was more of the same- hot flashes, headaches, night sweats, just really uncomfortable all the time. My RCC was picked up during a gallbladder scan- 5.5cm on my left kidney. I will be having surgery (radical) in around two weeks. It's winter here now, and I was just dreading another summer with these symptoms- so there's some good news at the end of all this, eh?! I was very sad to hear of your experience 4yrs ago- God bless you & send you love....

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Glad your tumor was discovered - good luck on the surgery. Remember, this recovery will take time. You may feel pretty good after about 4-5 weeks but your body will continue to 'recover' since there will be one kidney missing! Just take it day by day and be kind to yourself! Recovery from this is no sprint!