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Hate having to ask a question so soon...

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Mark finished treatment on Tuesday. In his appointment on Monday with the oncologist I heard him talk about "starburst" pain in his neck and ear (the side of the now removed tonsil, tumor, lymph nodes and neck muscle). He said is was like a flash, and started in a specific spot and shot out like a starburst. Today (Friday) he is complaining of ear pain. I am freaking out a little in that this is how this all started with ear and throat pain. We cannot talk to his docs until Monday. Does this sound normal/familiar to any of of you?

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hi, i posted the same question yesterday! and i got quite a few responses stating that they too experienced the ear pain after treatment.. my post read "dad out of treatment 5weeks-ear pain"... under my posts you can read the responses.. it is a scary thing because the ear pain was also around at the beginning of this journey, so i understand your concern... stay positive, most likely its from the treatment, but it is always good to ask those who have experienced it.. best of luck.. keep us posted..

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I was told by the intern that the pain would be worse after the treatment ended. It was a good thing, it meant I was healing.

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Hi Kim,

I think I responded yesterday to the post mentioned. I had weird sharp pains shooting up the side of my jaw into my head. It didn't last long. While you certainly need to remain vigilant for any abnormal pains or other conditions, but there will be many such occurrences while Mark is on the mend.

Mark has probably suffered mild nerve damage from the rads and while the body reorganizes itself and heals, there will be funky stuff going on. I also went deaf for a while and still have some weird hearing loss at times when I go on long hard bike rides, but it all passes.

No need to panic but be alert.


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I'm over 14 months out, and still have periodic pain, swelling, and stiffness. Like you it's always a concern, but when I have my ENT check me out (which I do regularly, but also when I'm in doubt), he assures me it is common for the first few years actually.

He always is understanding, and would rather I stay on top and aware of it than dismiss it.

Like Scam says, if it's several weeks or something that eventually isn't the same as usual, have it checked out. If nothing else have it checked out for a little sanity check.

I haven't had the specific shooting pain as you describe, but I do have frequent swelling, sore spots an stiffness. Also like you, it's always a concern as some of the symptoms are what I initially had.


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I could have really had an anxious weekend. Nicki I did not see your post and I did a search of "pain after radiation"... but had to sort through 17 pages of possibilities. Easier just to post.
I copied and pasted all of your responses and shared them with Mark. He is grateful to know he is normal...as am I...well, he is also exceptional...
Thank you everyone,

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