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Father in Law has lung Cancer spread to Brain...Need info

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My father in law has lung cancer.He took chemo and it didn't help. It took over his lungs. Now it has spread to his brain. He is in the hospital taking radiation everyday and on oxygen. Dr's don't say much except we have to wait and see if radiation helps and he may have to go on life support for his lungs. Does anyone know how long a patient in this condition could live. He is very week and in pain all the time. Thank you for any information and help

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No one can give you that answer, because nothing is fireside. I was diagnosed in 08 with stage 4 lung cancer with 4-6 months without chemo, maybe 1-1 1/2 yrs with. It was termed palliative care because the cancer involved both lungs ( numerous tumors) and my lymphs. I had chemo, but had to stop do to side effects. I have a very complicated health status and have out lived every prognosis I have been given.
I am on Hospice with the cancer Mets to bone and brain, I have about 30% of my heart working now, I have early onset of Altzheimers and Parkinson's, I have COPD and. Emphasema, and I am still living life to the fullest.
My wife and family surround me with positive attitudes and support, the Docs quit trying to figure how long I have to live.
Your father in law has to keep a positive attitude and he needs the family to support him completely. I realize it is hard, but it can be done. Live life and laugh as hard as that may seem. And enjoy the time you all have, live today, tomorrow will be here soon enough.
He wasn't born with and expiration date, and everyone is different when it comes to this disease, so don't dwell on how long but how you cherish today, NO ONE is guaranteed tomorrow.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to your Father in law, You, Your Family and Everyone....,
Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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I am very glad I read your post this morning.
I so needed to remember these truths. I know too much about what cancer stage 4 does to the person and family that I lost track of the main directive. I really understand that every small or large blessed moment is so important in one's life. I learned this truth thru my life and never take one day's blessing for granted. I always notice the smallest of gifts from my spiritual father. I must now remind my sweet cousin of this daily.
I have been very concerned that my cousin and her family will make all their treatment decisions based on longest survival for her not best quality of life moments for her.
To understand where I have been please read my story at jotee.
I am great grieve and I live far away from my cousin and what family I even have.
Communication is down to email only right now.
My dear cousin was told this last week after all the extensive testing at a UTSW in Dallas Tx. She has stage 4 cancer in both lungs, spine, hips and all nodes. She has multi health issues, has been in poor health a long time. She is single, lives alone but has family near by and 3 grown children. This hit right at a time in her life she was the most mentally stable and happy about her daughter having her first child.
I view it this way she has been the happiest I have seen her in a while,for the last 2 years about her daughter. I think this has been a true blessed gift to her, now go from here. I do not want to see her go into aggressive treatment or make a decision to be a study patient. I want her to enjoy each moment left.
How is this thinking inline with someone that is the family and is the cancer patient?

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I glad your not making any decisions for me. When you see all the posts here of cancer patients with Stage 4 cancer, I hope you change your mind and help support your sweet cousin in her fight with this monster. I for want as many days as I can possibly get on this earth with my family. And there are miracles.


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This has been a bad week for me as I learned a new tumor (the second) has appeared in my brain. The last was treated with one-time radiation and will probably do the same for this one. I'd been feeling quite low and hopeless until I came across your message which was, for me, a message of hope that possibly I've more time than I'd thought. First time I've joined a cancer message board. Don't know that there's much I can contribute for now but wanted to say thanks to you for posting what you did.

bg burke

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My husband has stage 4 T4 Ni Mo squamous cell cancer Metastic It went to his lungs two tumors in both lungs. He has had the Chemo and radiation for the first time in MArch 2009 , then this May it has spread to his lungs .
Now He has had two rounds of Chemo they did a scan. One tumor is conpletely gone and the other three are 30 to 40% smaller , After the scan he finished his third round of Chemo he has five more to go. We are betting that this will work.
So you never know. You can not just give up . Everyday is a stuggle but you know that is just how life is. It is the road we have to travel.

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