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Went for a walk

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Tonight I went for a neighbourhood walk with my husband + dog for the first time in a long time. It was one of the most humid, hot nights ever (whoever thinks Canada is always cold needs to come here RIGHT NOW - we are having a very hot summer). I know this is not monumental news, but I haven't done this in awhile + I am really going to build myself the best I can with excercise + food, + did I tell you how HOT it was? Anyway in this journey where so much is out of control, I am thinking I can control excercise + what I eat, so here I go.... Oh, BTW, I am feeling GOOD after the walk.

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That's great. Walking is good. What kind of dog?


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A naughty beagle who is very cute but thinks overly highly of herself + sometimes treats other dogs badly by ignoring them. Just the other day a neighbour brought our other neighbour's basset hound to the door; it has escaped + he thought it was ours. The basset walked right in the front door, + was investigating our house. Meanwhile our dog was out on our deck + started barking ferociously (sp?) at the basset, but when we let our beagle in she spent all her time trying to avoid the basset. Too funny! I think she was as surprised as we were because without the fence + landscaping that is usually between us and the basset, we realized how HUGE the basset is.

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Sounds like a great way to spend an evening, even if it IS hot! Glad you are able to enjoy it!

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Good for you! I love to walk!


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Good to see you out walking and enjoying life. When I was going through Chemo my 13 year old daughter used to have to drag me (well, almost) to go out for a walk. It's so hard when you feel so sick and weak. But I always felt better afterwords.

Great Job

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So glad that you were able to take your walk. I love to walk and usually do about 35 minutes on treadmill everyday (well try too). Glad that you are trying to exercise and yes you will feel better about yourself after. I'm outside of Detroit and we are having a very hot and humid day too. Love the hot before the cold though :)


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getting back to doing things again, as it was with me......Do/did I have cancer; do I have a bag:only my hairdresser, I mean doctors know......Keep walking,,,,and for anyone too ill, too weak, too hurting from surgery and/or chemo, you too will one day get up and out,......i been there too.......,steve

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I am so glad that you got out for a walk. We have been having a hot, sunny summer in NE PA and I am loving it. I try to walk every day. I loved to walk before dx and have tried to make it a priority. I usually walk with my sister or one of my friends. We walk about 3 miles. I feel so much better mentally and physically when I walk. Your dog sounds cute.

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So glad you went for that walk, I have been telling myself I need to do that too. I am leaving today for Austin, TX, will be working for the week in a different office, and will be staying at a hotel, well every time I do this I tell myself, I should use the workout room or swim some laps, I am thinking I am going to do it this time, at least do some laps, that is supposed to be good exercise. I have lost about 21 lbs over the past 2 months, just by reducing my portions. So I am thinking this exercise stuff might be good for me...LOL...

So very glad you had a nice time and that you felt good after words, keep it up..


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Hi Beth,
I hope you have a good trip. A change in location is a good chance to make a change in activities too. When I travel I like to take walks in the neighbourhood if it is safe. I also like taking the "tour" bus that almost every large city has - you buy a pass + then can hop on + off as you like at points of interest. I find when I take these I can see a little more of the city than I would otherwise, especially if I am travelling solo. I know you are travelling on business but sometimes you can throw a little extra fun into it.

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I LOVE to walk!!! I remember being so frustrated when I couldn't!!!

Right now, I'm having some fairly bad back troubles, can't do much walking, so I am envious of you!!!

BIG hugs, Kathi

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