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how we do it

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the other day someone said caregivers are heaven sent. asked me how i do it. first of all i am a mom i will all ways be a mom. these children the were given to me they are a gift from heaven. my daughter is a true gift i was told i couldn't have any more children and 5 years later i had jackie. she is the gift. i will lay myself down everyday for my children whether sick or strong. i all have them in my heart and in my arms. i do not feel i have done anything other than be a mom. i have prayed i have called upon all the forces out there to make her well. i have cried all my lashes are gone from crying so much. i have been a mom nothing less nothing more. i am proud of all my children. they have all over came hardships in thier lives. we do not choose to fight this fight it is giving to us and how we deal with it each in our own way is how we live our lives from day to day. true this is the hardest thing we have faced but face it we will. everyone must find the strength and comfort in their own way.
thank you all for listening to me. i think this is how i deal with it just my being the one true thing i can be a mom

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