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Kimby - Kimberly Jo Hinkle

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Kimberly Jo Hinkle age 46

It is with great sadness that I share our beloved Kimby passed away late this morning.

She was surrounded by the love of her husband Kevin and her mother, sons and best friends when she passed.

Kim was such an encouragement to me and I am sure to many of you with her thoughtful responses to posts here. I had the opportunity to be with her in Denver and Chicago where our friendship grew further.

I am so sad. She will be sorely missed.


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I have no words; Kimby will be so missed.

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She was always comforting and very candid about everything you asked her. She was/is a very special lady and one I will always hold close to my heart....My sympathies go out to the family...Clift

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Kim was very dear to my heart. She never wanted us to say she battled canzer or fought the good fight. She never gave up, tho.

See you in heaven, sweet sister in Christ Jesus!

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Are we so very sure that passing isn't the ultimate happiness?

He was in hospice, at the end of his life on this earth, and had become very wise. I will keep the thoughts he shared with me forever...

I am sad for the loss of Kim's earthly existence, she will be missed alot!

Hugs, Kathi

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Just so sad to hear of Kimby. She was such a special person. So very sad. She will be so missed on this board.


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OMG! I'm in shock right now. I'm devastated. She will be greatly missed.


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We lost another GREAT one. She will be missed!!


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I am so sad to hear that Kimby has passed. My deepest sympathy to family and friends. Rest in perfect peace Kimby.


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I am saddened to hear the bad news.She was an encouragement to everyone.I will be praying for her,and her family.

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To her family and friends, you will be in my thoughts at this time.

Debbie in Arkansas

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My sympathy to your family and friends. You were one of the first to greet me here. Your spirit was amazing. You will never be forgotten Kimby.

Until we meet again,


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My sympathy goes to Kimby's family.

Heaven has another angel!


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Our deepest condolences to the family of Kim, I am at a loss for words, except we are so sorry for your loss.

Dennis & Patti

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rest easy dear Kimby. Her family and friends are in my prayers.

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So sorry. She was so honest and an inspiration. Too many people gone too soon..

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Thank you so much for letting us know this sad news. I've been afraid that this was coming, but I prayed I was wrong.

My prayers and love go out to her family and to you.


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My heart is heavy with grief. She was one of the first ones who helped me on this board. I hope that I can pay it forward in her memory.


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How did this happen, what the hell..I cant %^&$*^# standing this...WHY WHY WHY

I am so upset...this just kills my heart..

Iam going to miss you Kim *HUGS*


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Oh I will miss Kimby in our group. She was such a warm caring individual. Kimby always reached out. I am praying for her family.
Kimby, I know you are resting and in loving hands.


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So sad to hear of Kimby departure. She was such an awesome lady. So uplifting and caring. She will be missed. Keeping her family in thoughts and prayers.

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I second that Kathy, Kimby was very special...


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...for writing us. I'm so sorry to hear of Kimby's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, holding them in the Light for healing and Peace. I hadn't known Kim long on this board but she is a strong, courageous soul and I always enjoyed reading her posts.

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Kim and louann will be greatly missed. I don't understand what is happening, Is this the way it will end/we'll be doing fine and then in a blink of an eye this cancer will win? I am expecially wondering becuase on the outside i look and feel fine, But I have found out this week that my cancer is spreading again and dispite chemo, and other efforts.

I am speechless, and wish kims family the stregth to find peace and to remember her and not to dwell on her passing but to but to remember the hope, joy, and stregnth she brought to us all.


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My wife and I (Paula G) are so shocked and sorry for this news. Kimby was one of the first people to welcome me to the board. Love and prayers go to Kimby and her family. She will be missed and remembered by many. We love you Kimby.


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My heart aches to hear this news about Kimby. My prayers are for her husband and family. Kimby was an encouragement to so many on this board. I have heard she is a believer, so I know she is in heaven and is dancing with no more cancer.


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i am so saddened by another one of my family leaving us.
i know she is at peace.
thoughts and prayers to her family.
we have another angel pulling for us.

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Nana b
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These deaths always hit close to home. We have not control over this disease, and we are forced to keep positive while our hearts are aching for the loss of our friends and cyber family!

My heart feels heavy for Kimby's family and heavy for everyone on this board.

KIMBY.. so sorry you had to leave us!

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Kimby and her spirit has left an enduring and loving impression on all she touched. For those of us who seek try so hard to find solace in our daily journey with cancer, Kimby is our lighthouse to show us the way, no matter how far at sea we may be at the time.

We hear your passionate voice and feel your courage. Rest in peace, you will be missed

Heart of Soul

Fight for my love
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I am so sad and so sorry to hear that.She was one of the icons on this board.Her spirit will be always with us.Please rest in peace.:(

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Another fighter and inspiration gone to soon.Heaven has another angel.Her family are in my thoughts & prayers

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Kim was an inspiration to me, She was one of the first people I talked to on here when I joined. She knew how to live I will miss her so much.


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I am so saddened to have lost another member of our family. I was away for the weekend and just found out. My condolences to her family and friends in the real world and to all her many cyber friends here at CSN. We have lost a wonderful person in Kimby, but it's good to know she is not suffering with this crappy disease any more. Kimby, may good be with you and guide you from now on.


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This is very sad news, my prayers are with the family.


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I am only now hearing of sweet Kimby's passing I am so incredibly saddened for her family. Kimby was one of my cyber friends and I loved her spirit and her drive, she was one of a kind and truly amazing. I know her faith was strong and she in in the arms of our Lord. I will miss you here my friend, hugs and prayers for her family. Good bye for now, I'll see you on the other side someday.

♥ RE ♥

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she will be missed, I sure liked her attitude!

I hope her family finds peace in time.


PS I dont know how many more of these type of posts I can take. We seem to be losing so many lately. It hurts the heart and tires the soul, :(

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to hear of Kimby's passing.
She will be sorely missed.

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