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I think I'm done...

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Well I got some news today that I wont be doing chemo for atleast the month Of August and possibly be done for good!! They rescheduled my PET scan for the 18th, exactly 4 weeks after the last chemo, I'm so pumped right now!! Once they get the results back I'll find out more about the radiation that I will have to do, I cant believe I'm almost done. Prayers needed!! I am staying truly hopeful and positive, but I dont want to get my hopes up to high. I also have another pulmonary function test on Tuesday, but I know I will pass it, I passed the last one with flying colors :) Thanks all and God Bless!

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Tracie, How many treatments did you have? Why are they stopping treatments? You may have said, but I did not see it. Sometimes all the posts don't come thru and I miss them. John

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Posts: 125
Joined: Mar 2010

I've actually had 13 treatments Just past my 6th cycle, they were thinking I would go to 8 cycles but I'm hopeful that I should be done :) I just know they dont want me to do anymore chemo for this month and August until the results of the PET come back, then hopefully I'll be radiation bound! Thanks and God Bless!

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It is great to hear good news. I feel you will do just fine with your pet scan. We all are behind you all the way 110%. BE THINKING OF YOU AND KEEP US UP TO DATE. It is like one big clique here and always welcome new members,but when one of us doesn't post for a while we miss them. Good luck, John

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I'm soooo happy for you! I will definetely keep you in my prayers. Now you can have a nice peaceful weekend and just be "Happy"!!!! Happy is good!!!

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Congrats on your success. We are rooting for you. And will say a prayer for you. Please keep us posted.

Take care.

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Sooooooooo awesome!!!!! so glad to hear that!!!!!! Good luck on your PET scan!!!! Vinny

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Being closer to done is such an awesome feeling and one you should truly enjoy! Go have a great weekend with that beautiful baby in your lap!!!.....or find a babysitter and enjoy the baby to the right of you LOL.

Take care, and very good luck to you and your Pet.


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I will be sending more prayers your way!

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That's truly wonderful news. Here's to your PET showing absolutly all clear. I will be sending prayers your way. Enjoy your weekend.
Blessings to you,

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That is good news indeed. Things must be moving along really well. Best of luck with your PET scan. Mary

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Girrrrl! i'm so excited for you! i know the results will be great!

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