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choking alot lately

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Hi all ive been kinda choking off of liquids I drink lately it seems a though im not controlling that part of how im swallowing as anyone else had this issue ?

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D Lewis
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I choke on liquids sometimes. I am ten weeks out from end of treatment, and only in the last two or three weeks has neck edema (swelling) and tongue swelling really kicked in. I notice that it is a bit harder for me to swallow when my neck and tongue are all puffed up. This is usually in the mornings.


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Try thicker liquids. They go down easier than thinner. They even make a product to thicken up liquids tho I have not tried it. If it gets worse tell ur doc. My throat ended up closing due to radiation damage and I have had it stretched twice but still is too tight to eat normally. I forget how far out of treatment you are. Just be aware. Maybe look up some swallowing excercises and see if that helps. Tho that doesn't help if it is a stricture. Good luck.

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Hi Survivor,

I also had some choking episodes when swallowing for a couple of months or so after treatment. I think in my case, the Epiglotis may have suffered some damage from the rads, but it did recover and I no longer have that issue. The Epiglotis is the small flap that regulates the flow of fluid to either your Esophagus or Trachea (like a butterfly valve). If it gets a bit lazy or a bit slow, it wont fully close off the Trachea, and and some tiny bits of fluid can go in the Trachea which causes the choking.

For me it felt like just like 'one drop' went down the wrong way - and would cause coughing fits, and often cause vomiting. Your condition, as all of us, depends on where the rads hit you, and what part was affected. I had IMRT to the left tonsil area and also 2 nodes in the neck.

It appears most people do recover from this but if you are concerned, or you think it is something else like a constriction of your throat, see your Doctors. My condition may be different to yours.


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