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Xeloda and dry feet

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Stage 4 colon cancer-diagnosed two years ago. I did surgery, then was put on Oxaliplatin/Xeloda/Avistan. After about a year and a ramping up of side effects, I got off the Oxaliplatin. A few months later (and with a couple of stable CT scans in the records)I was taken of the Xeloda and left with just Avistan. Last month the CT showed one of the tumors in my liver had grown a bit and I'm back on Xeloda. The challenge for me is the very dry, sore feet. I've tried a variety of lotions and oils with little impact. I work full-time (on my feet all day) and love to hike and bicycle. From what I know, this will get worse. Doc has a couple of treatment options as he wants me to maintain an active lifestyle but as the Xeloda seems to be working and hasn't created too many other issues, I'm reluctant to change. Any input from anyone here on dealing with the dry, sore feet issue? I use this network so often as a resource, a reality check and an inspiration. I don't post much but you're all appreciated and have helped me much these past couple of years. Any tips will be valued!

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I did the chemo with xeloda,and didn't have any issues with dry feet,but alot of people who do, use bag balm,and said it works well.I also used a mild soap with lotion,like dove,and that helped.I hope this helps.I walk all day at my job too.

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I buy it from here


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I have been on Xeloda for 10 monhs and Avastin and Xeloda for 6 months. The only side effect I have had is the dry, sore feet. My oncologist told me to take B6 twice a day. I also put bag balm on my feet every night before bed and put socks on over it. I work full time on my feet. I walk 3 miles a day 3 or 4 times a week. Good Luck. Brenda

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I've also had a terrible time with the hand/foot syndrome from the Xeloda. Very red, tight skin that blisters if I walk too much or if I try to do much with my hands. I had an extra week off the chemo this past week and the blisters healed, but hands and feet have been peeling something terrible. I went in for Gemzar and Avastin again today, and also started the Xeloda up again. I, too, am seeing results so I don't want to go off it or reduce dose- at least not yet. Maybe I should try bag balm. I've been using Udderly Smooth, which I do think helps a huge amount. My problem is that I hate wearing socks and closed shoes. I put the cream on, but then just walk around barefoot or with flip flops on. I've worn socks with it a couple of times, but can't stand getting hot feet (which is something that I always have anytime it's not cold & my feet really get red and hot when I'm on Xeloda).
Know that you're not alone in this problem. I met w/ my onc yesterday, who also didn't want to reduce my dose since my CEa is coming down nicely. He did say that if it gets too bad, I could always go back to the 5FU pump instead. We'll say- I really hated that pump with a passion, but I didn't have nearly the problem with blisters and peeling like I do now. I want to do at least two more cycles of this before we look into any dose reduction or changes- my scan will be the week of Aug. 30th, so I'll suffer through it until at least then.

Hang in there and try the udderly smooth or bag balm- but try to wear socks. Someone (I think it may have been Gail) said she puts the cream on, then ties plastic bags over her feet. I've been meaning to try that, but still haven't, as of yet.


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Thanks all. It sounds like bag balm is it. I'll stop in and get some this weekend and give it a go!

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hi i tried the johnsons baby loition with vitamin and aloe vera realy rubbed lots in and then put more on then put my feet into plastic bags then some big socks and left on for a few hours
it realy did help as some days my fingers bleed ,when in cooking and cutting up food i put a bandaide plaster on my thumbs so as no presure on them to stop cracking i also soak my feet in epson salts before i apply the lotion take care and know i care tink

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