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CSN ~ Better than Morning Coffee

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Good Morning Brothers & Sisters....fellow Warriors

Sometimes hitting up CSN first thing in the morning is better (or at least as good) as my morning cup of coffee.

Reading all of these positive posts this morning is especially uplifting.

Also getting a call from another survivor (Charles - Irish) yesterday evening was good also. It's nice sometimes just to be able to speak to another that is actually going through this and relate to lift you as well. I think some of it just stems from being able to speak freely of your thoughts, fears, hopes and wishes...offering support to each other.

Also thanks to my fellow face bookers, and emailers.

Anyways, best to you all this morning and many more to come.


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Good Morning John,

Yes, you are correct, each morning, I have breakfast and come to this board and another one ( CancerCompass ) and view the postings. Checking in on everyone to see how each person is doing. I read the posts and many times don't have much to add, because each person here has good advice.

Looks like you got a little sun recently in your picture : )

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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I agree completely..even better now that I can have coffee..

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Coming to the boards every morning is like putting protien powder in my day.

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I visit the site alot during the day. I put a positive front on for my friends and family,
but every ache and pain I experience does make me wonder. This site really helps me through it. I go in for my first evaluation today.

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Posts: 8286
Joined: Sep 2009

Wishing the best for you on the eval Judy. I go in tomorrow for my first annual PET. the anxiety level is pretty much at its maximum today.


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D Lewis
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Wishing you the best results on your first annual PET. Please try not to worry too too much. I go in for my 2-month follow up MRI tomorrow at Stanford. I don't anticipate that it will show anything. The diagnostic MRI performed prior to my treatment didn't show anything either.

Good thoughts.


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Pam M
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I'm getting my good news/support fix in the evening, today. Have to admit, catching up with you all helped take the "sting" out of a failed dinner experiment (yeah, not ready for chili spaghetti). But now I want some coffee . . .

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