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still trying to survive...

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My husband died of Melanoma Cancer on his face. A dream marriage of 28 years and can't believe it is all gone. Getting promoted soon and I need my job to keep my mind busy...

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i really feel for you, my wife of 26yrs is diagnosed as terminal with melanoma,it is hard to accept...{hard to put into words}.you must be strong and remember the good time you spent with him,rebuild your life and be happy i am sure he would want that.
Good luck,my prayers are with you

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there is always hope, have you tried any treatments?
my bro in law (35) is fighting the battle with stage 4 melanoma and we are now researching like crazy, there is a lot of information out there that orthodox dr's will not tell you.

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up until feb. our oncologist insisted that surgery was the only course of action she had a huge melanoma removed from her neck 5 years ago ,then one caused her intestines to colapse and had half her intestines removed, we had asked for chemo etc. numorous times for the tumors in her lungs and liver he said they were stable and to leave them alone, in nov.09 they found two large tumors in her brain they were removed surgically in dec.by feb they had grown back even bigger, she then had wbrt which only made her sick and fatigued,she has just had more surgery two days ago but things are not looking good,she cannot talk or move her right side and only seems to remember my daughter, so any other treatments you find are worth looking into .good luck i hope your bro in law wins the battle,and to your sister be strong.

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