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six month check up no sign of cancer

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Hi I hope all is well with everyone I went to the check up he seen no cancer when he used the endospoe seriously I said sir just give me the numbing spary youre gonna spary in my nose and let me apply it myself he laughed but i was dead serious he also told me im not out the woods yet and the first two years are the crucial years and then after five it lessons the chance of reoccurance I dont no wether thats bad or good news and he said i need to see him monthly its kind of botheribg me that they are not doing blood test or scans and he also said that I have radition damage thats causing me to be off blance and drop things without notice and pain through out the whole body and pain nunbness in feet thatS now along with swealing
ive read post on here where a lot of u get pets and mri ct scans shouldnt I have more than just more four months ago? and blood test was four months as well.thank you guys for letting me ramble you are the best God bless u all

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Hi Survivior,
Your progress sounds normal and they often want to see you every month for a while so you now need to learn how to relax and stay calm. As you know doing early and frequent scans are often not so accurate and also not good for you. My first post treatment scan was last December and I may wait till this December for the next. I get checkups every 2-3 months now.

You being upset and worried are not good for your body at all. Take a deep breath and go back to doing some positive affirmations. Remember: "My mind is clear, my body is healthy, my mind is clear, my body is healthy.." Every day, every hour as many times as you can. It works wonders.

We all have that nervous feeling to some degree or other so it is important you learn how to manage that now. Focus on the positive things each day and the brighter moments.

Stay positive.

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Like most have addressed already....

My first year consisted mainly of 4 - 6 week intervals.

Blood work every 3 months until back in normal ranges, then 6 months.

CT I think I had maybe 3 this year after treatment.

ENT scopes, every 6 - 8 weeks and continuing on that schedule for now. Usually I don'tdo the spray any longer. It's a little uncomfortable, but you've been through worse. But mainly it lessens the office visit by sevral minutes.

Port flushing is every 6 - 8 weeks.

PET is annual, I actually have one scheduled for tomorrow.

Scam offers some great advice here....and it's a learning process, staying positive...all of us back slide occasionally.


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Pam M
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Hate the numbing spray too, survivor.

I had a CT and PET at three months out. It will be several months before I have another PET (insurance won't pay). I see a doc every month now for checkups. My doc says ideally he'd like the PET SOONER, but is totally comfortable waiting. Like Scambuster, I'm thinking my body doesn't need frequent PETs anyway.

It's funny you got scoped and wanted to get scanned, too. I just got scanned, and wanted to get scoped, too. Figures. Ah well - my gastro will scope me to check for constriction when I get my PEG out next week. I don't think I have it, but they'll dilate me if I do - so I'll get a different kind of scope after all.

Right now, we're breathing and feeling grateful things have gone well. Keep it up.

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I'm like Pam and Scam, you might be better off with fewer scans. I had that discussion today with my doc and agreed we would do scans at 6 month intervals. If you don't already, you might want to write down your concerns and questions before you go in to see your doc. That way you'd only have to read them off to him on any of your concerns. It's easy for anyone to get rattled in the doc's office. We already have lots on our minds so might as well be prepared as you can. I know I write everything down or I'd forget it. I'd bring up your concerns about bloodwork and ask what your shcedule is going to be for your scans and why. Just a couple suggestions.

Positive thoughts coming your way!

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Glenna M
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Hi Survivor,

I am 10 months post treatment for two different types of cancer, lung and laryngeal, and have not had blood work for several months. I am finally down to seeing just two doctors, my ENT every month for the scope and my rad onc every three months for the scan results. My ENT said I would need to see him every month for the first year and then every two months for the second year. I don't enjoy these visits but I like being able to know what he sees immediately.

My guess is that all doctors have different opinions on the CT and PET scans. My first scan, 3 months post treatment, was brain, lungs and throat. My second scan was my lungs and throat only. My next scan on August 2nd is for my lungs only. My PET will not be done until I am one year post treatment.

If you are concerned about not having had another scan call your rad onc and ask them when you will be getting your next CT scan. I had to call once because I thought they had forgotten about me but was told that they were just waiting for the approval from my insurance. The next day I received a call with the date for my scan. I think they forgot so my call was a good reminder to them ;-)

Take care,

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thanks everybody I feel a little at ease now its nice getting advise from thoose that are going through or have been there

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Glad your six month check up went well. Hope you keep getting better. You are an absolutely beautiful woman. Stay strong.


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What the Drs are telling you is pretty standard. I'm getting check ups every 2 months and PET scan in 6 months. 5 years is the time-line for "long term survival". If we make it that long it's likely we'll never get a recurrence.

While I am not a religious person, I do believe in the power of faith. My faith is in people rather than a deity, so when I say "keep the faith" I mean the faith in yourself, your resolve, your strength. You will survive this!



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