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Mark is done with treatment. Anxious relief.

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I finished myself just four weeks ago. It is a relief.

In a couple of weeks you'll start to notice a much improved state of being. Or at least I did......

Hang in there. It gets better.


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Glenna M
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I know the relief you must both be feeling to have finally finished the treatments. The next few weeks may still be a little rough but then you will start to see improvement. Hang in there, life will get much better now!!

My best to both of you,

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Glad to hear that Mark has completed his treatments. In a few weeks, the road will get a little smoother in the journey of recovery from all that has happened.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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Way to go Mark and Kim! Now the slow recovery.

I'm 16 weeks post-treatment this Thursday. I am back at just about everything except work (I could do most any work, but sitting with clients and having to hack up a sticky hairball every 10 minutes is too much), swimming (no tube immersion), and eating.

I workout at 24hr fitness 5-6 days/week. I play tennis. I'm back playing music. I do all the cooking and cleaning around the house (I am a stay-at-home papa, BTW). I study, read, write, and even find time to chill. I was at the library today thinking about writing a historical/fantasy children's story. Life is good, but would be better with cheesecake :-\

You'll get there Mark and then you'll get a tattoo!



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That is wonderful. I know how you feel. Both of you relax and start to journey to recovery. My dad is one month out today and told me yesterday that he feels wonderful. His taste is starting to come back and now we are starting to work on rebuilding his stregth.


Kent Cass
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Glad to hear it is done, and the post-treatment time is now. You two make a great dynamic duo in the C-fighting world, you know. Happy for you both.


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As the old cliche goes, today is the first day of the rest of your life.
But it's all the more true when you finish treatment.

--Jim in Delaware

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Jim stole my 'Yay' line so you get 'Yipeee'.....got to be quick these days.

Great news Kim. I think you are well versed on how things can go now but at least you can start the climb out now. Happy for you and Mark.


friend of Bill
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Not that I am the least bit overreactive, but the word "fini" scared the dickens out of me when I first saw it. So glad it's good news! A huge milestone for the two of you. Celebrate a grand slam.


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Pam M
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Like I say - know that you're not undergoing anything at this point that is doing further physical damage. Hope the road to recovery is mostly boring (except the first daydream food).

Time for the Super Mark HENNA tattoo.

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Mark & Kim,

Great to hear both of you made it thru with such great attitudes and are doing well. Here's to an even speedier recovery!

Positive thoughts to everyone!

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Hi Mark and Kim,

The day I finished was one of the best days of my life. Now Mark can start to recover.
Wishing you both the best.


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The end of treatment is always good news, and hope things improve rapidly for Mark. Cheers


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Congratulations Mark and Kim!

Hope the road to recovery is smooth and swift.

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Now just concentrate on getting him to his "new normal", then you can smack him around a little for all of the grief so early in your relationship. You've missed out on all of that fun up to this point.


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D Lewis
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Congratulations on a job well done! To both of you! Welcome to a new day.


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Trés bein! C'est manifique!

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So glad for you and Mark. Stay strong.

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