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Third Anniversary

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Today would have been mine and Dales third Anniversary.. I just want to crawl back in bed and pretend that this day without him is not happening..I know the preacher said till death do you part I just didnt realize he meant the death of both of us. Sorry I'm rambling, I just hurt so bad right now.


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you are so lucky to have that kind of love in your heart. i have not losted my husband but i have lost my parents my in laws and a sister. the hurt of love missed is one that never gose away but it dose get easier to live with as time gose by. i know that is what everyone says but it is true. love him. keep him in your heart and on the days you feel good the good times will come back and before you know it the bad times will not come as often. i am sorry that you have found this place in life.

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I just started reading post here again. I am sorry you had a rough day. Those special days really hit hard, don't they? Now we truly know what the phrase, "love hurts" means. We were blessed for a time with these great guys, but it really hurts to lose them. We are working our way through this grief stuff. There isn't any magic pill or even magic words. We just have to keep doing the best we can. Be good to yourself. We are still a work in progress. Fay

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Panks
Sorry you had a rough day. There will be a lot of those days this year. First anniv, first birthday, first christmas, etc. Do be good to yourself. He just spent your anniversary in heaven this year that is all. Just think of the many more anniversaries you will be able to spend together when you meet him again. There you can spend eternity together. Jesus made us that promise....those of you who truly do believe in me will have eternal life. God always keeps his promises. Peace be with all of us who are grieving and mourning our lost loved ones this first year.

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