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A quick update about Scott and latest scan

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Scott had a CT scan on the sixth and he got the results last week, the tumors in his liver have shrunk to about half the size they were. I realize this is good news but of course I was hoping to hear they were nearly gone, but that was probably expecting too much when they originally covered 80% of his liver. He has his last treatment on next Tuesday then we will find out what the next steps will be. His CEA counts have dropped from over 7800 at the beginning to 556. Everything is progressing nicely for him to at least probably be able to have a resection, in the beginning the surgeon he saw did not give us much hope that he would be able to have a resection. I was not ready to take his word alone especially since he does not do liver resections.
We had quite the week last week so I did not get on here until tonight to post his results. My brother went into the hospital a week ago this last Saturday and was quite sick, they really were not sure he was going to make it he was so sick. He ended up having surgery to remove some kidney stones and his gall bladder. He also had pancreatitis and pnuemonia. He has diabetis so that was also causing some major problems. It finally ended up that he has a bone spur on his spine that the pnuemonia set into and caused a massive infection. He is out of the hospital now but has to return twice a day for two hours each time to get intravenious antibiotic treaments and has to do this for three weeks. they also have told him he is not going to be able to go back to work so he is having to retire a year early. It is hard to imagine he cannot go back to work since he is a chiropractor but the pressure on his spine is too much so he cannot do the treatments anymore.
On top of this on Tuesday my sister was taken into the hospital for a minor heart attack and they had to put a stint in one artery to aleviate the blockage. They also were concerned because there was some enlargement inthe liver and her enzymes were not good. Believe me when I heard this it scarred me since we had heard simular news in February about Scott, but in her case there ended up being no rason for concern everythign was fine when they did the ultrasound.
Anyway by the middle of last week I was saying enough is enough and I did not want to hear anymore bad news. Thankfully in the midst of all this we did get the results for Scott so that helped my sanity.
Hope all is going well for everyone else.
Take Care-

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Wow you and your family have been through so much. I am very sorry you had such a hard week. Thank you for sharing the good news about Scott! Fantastic that things are shrinking.
Keep us posted.


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Sending hugs especially for you for all the other stuff you need to deal with!!!

Thank you for the update, dear soul...yes, sometimes it DOES seem as if the world has turned it's back on you...

BUT we will always be here for you!!

Hugs, Kathi

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This is wonderful news about Scott. I'm so very sorry about the other problems you and your family face. I will say a prayer for you and your family.

God Bless You All

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I am very glad to hear that Scott is having such a great response to treatment. I am sorry for all the challenges your family is facing recently.


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I am sorry you had such a tough week, but am really happy to hear how well Scott is doing.

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