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Response to family members that don't care....

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for some good and healthy insight regarding family members. You gave me some good advice and now I don't feel so odd.
I was thinking there must be something wrong with me or my brother because of how the other siblings are responding.

Sadly knowing that others are in the same boat does make it feel a little bit better. I am thinking of not communicating at all with my siblings in regards to my brother illness. It just takes to much of toll on my psyche to communicate.

I feel that if I do that all ties would be cut....I think my brother would do so much better if he just had a kind word from either one.

Thanks for listening. I am truly sorry that there are so many of us in this boat.


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Maybe it was underhanded, but rather than talk with a certain family member who wasn't getting it, I started emailing updates. Easy for me, and they could respond to the information as they wished. The results have been more incoming phone calls, more often. I have also used email to put out general requests for cards to friends and extended family. It works! I call it my caregiver coconut telegraph.

Posts: 26
Joined: Jun 2010

What a great idea..... I had been emailing my sister alone but now I am going to put up an email chain including her with friends. I am sure she will respond much quicker just for the shame alone.

Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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