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pancreatic cancer

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I am looking for help and information. My dad who is 54 was diagnosed April 2010 with Pancreatic Cancer. It is stage 4 and he has spots on his liver. We have been going to a local oncologist at Gaston Oncology and he has been treating my dad with gemcitabine. He is going to be starting his 5th round next week. He goes 3 weeks with 1 week off. The doctor is saying things look better than the first CT Scan and the CA 19-9 numbers are being reduced. I am no doctor and not sure if the talk is to help my dad feel more positive or if it is actually working. Dad is saying things are worse now and it isn't from the chemo but from the tumor. We are told we have about 2 more rounds before he ends his 6 months of treatment.

Recently dad has been going back and forth on stopping his chemo until he saw an tv ad for the cancer treatment centers of america, but after doing some research it really doesn't look to be all that positive. I was wondering if any one has any information that will help us out. We do understand all patients are different.

I need some help on what advice to give because they are really looking to me to advice on directions and honestly it is a bit overwhelming and I don't want my dad or others to feel I chose the wrong direction.


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I had typed up a reply that didn't post. So I'll keep this one short and have you check out Pancan.org .

As far as others thinking you made the wrong choice. I'll tell you this. The only wrong choice is doing nothing at all! I'm sure you dad is grateful you are helping out!

Also, check here often. I know there are a lot of people who check this site. Who have had or helped someone with stage 4 pancreatic cancer who will be more than glad to help answer what they can.

Tell your dad to keep a positive attitude and NEVER GIVE UP!

Take Care and GOD BLESS!


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Dear unccdad:

Tell your Dad that he needs to have some hope and faith. I too was diagosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer with liver lesions in March 2009. My oncologist started me on gemcitabine. However my oncologist also had me taking Tarceva along with the Gemzar ( another name for gemcitabine ). I had 13 treatments with Gemzarc. At the same time that I started on the chemo I also started taking a supplement called AHCC which is an extract made from certain mushroom species. It is marketed as an immune system booster. Chemo drugs will lower white cell counts and blood platlets. It is important to eat right and take the right supplements while undergoing chemo. The CAT scan I had in September of 2009 showed that the tumor in the pancreas had shrunk 25 %. However, the CAT scan taken in December 2009 showed that the Gemzar was no longer working and the cancer was again growing. I started then to look at alternative cures for cancer on the web. I found some
very interesting web sites that I recommend you check out.
www.cancer-prevention.net www.cancertutor.com www.alternative-cancer.net
In February of this year, my oncologist changed the chemo drugs he was giving me to
xeloda and eloxatin, which had worse side effects then the Gemzar did.
However, after four treatmens with these chemo drugs, the CAT scan showed that they
were not having any success in shrinking the cancer.
The oncologist stopped them and now is giving me taxotere. I had my third treatment of
this drug today.If you send me a private email, I will let you know what other supplements I am taking.Some of these are herbal extracts that are reported to kill cancer cells.
Some of these are concentrated vitamins and nutrients from food sources (i.e.green tea )
My oncologist does not know what supplements I am taking, but he tells me that even though
the cancer marker CA19-9 and the CAT scans show that my cancer is not shrinking, it is growing very slowly. I believe that the supplements that I am taking are part of the reason.I thank God that my cancer was caught early. I was in the hospital with acute pancreatitis in August 2008. The MRI's that I was given to monitor the inflammation of the pancreas spotted a cyst at the tail end of my pancreas which became a tumor.

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Dear unccdad,

My heart and prayers go out to you and your Dad. It is a difficult thing to go through with unknowns all along the way. I would suggest that you read Dr. T. Colin Campbell's book "The China Test". You can also view some of his videos on YouTube about the topic. They are very informative. Here is one link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvA55xj8iMI that will get to one video and you can watch the others from there.

I also am connected with an alternate approach. If you are interested in learning more about it, send me a private message and I would be happy to get data to you.

Talk to you soon and Peace.


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There are alternative therapies discussed. China test is incredibly informative.
My husband has PC and we also believe in Curcumin, staying away from all refined sugar, taking sublingual Resveretrol...
We go to Sloan, but I noticed that MD Anderson has a lot of nutritional and alternative therapies they use in addition to chemo and surgery.
Take care!

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hello there.my name is rob.i am very sorry to hear your father has pancreatic cancer.my father had the same.he went threw chemo.had the wipple cut,stomach feeding tube.my dad was a veteran of the vietnam war,three bronse stars,silver star,battle E.40 years of excellent military and government service.my mom was not going to let him give up.so he didnt. after 40 years of marriage.my dad faught this cancer for 2 years. till his last dieing breath.my father passsed last year.he lived with this for two years before it took him.be strong for your dad.be prepared the best way u can.but most of all.dont let him give u a excuse to quit chemo.it will make him sick,dizzy,throwing up and drain him like a vampire.but if they say its going to do its job.let it.its makinging your dad feel sick.older people dont like doctors and dont like pills.the treatment my dad got from the portsmoth naval hospital and the veterans affairs hospital.is the same way they would do it any were else.the saying is dont believe everything u hear or read.if u do,take it with a grain of salt.its all up to him and god.if they say 6 months he lives 12 months.if they say 18 months he lives 2 years.then they thank the doctors for a great job.they say that for hope.hope is all we got.i am glad there is no more pain for my dad.my father was my life.i miss him so much.hunting and fishing season gone without him in our boat we named fatherandsons.i ask myself why.my dad gave 40 years for this country.why him.6 months before he fully retired he was diagnosed.when i find that answer i will let u know.but i do know this one question u ask.i wish your dad,you,your family and love ones the best.rob.

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"but most of all.dont let him give u a excuse to quit chemo." <--a previous reply to your post.

I've seen this advice given time and again. "Don't quit." Its not quitting, its allowing them to CHOOSE when enough is enough.

I'm sorry to hear of your situation. I'm sorry that someone hasn't stepped up and helped your family prepare for what you're going through. Its a shame and neglectful on the healthcare professional's end.

Time and again, I've heard family say, "I'm not ready to let them go." Its not about the family, its about the person who has cancer. Why on God's earth would anyone who LOVES someone want to see them SUFFER just to have 'more time' with them? These poor souls can't eat, drink, wipe themselves, walk...do so many things we (healthy people) take for granted. If your dad says he is done...let him know you SUPPORT his choice. *HIS CHOICE* <--keyword

It may be the hardest thing you've ever done. It may be the dumbest choice YOU think he's ever made, but its HIS to choose. No one but him can tell you just how much he can take. No one should judge him or tell him "You don't love me" if he says, "I'm done."

I'm a critical care RN. My mother is going through treatments for pancreatic cancer. She finished her radiation and most of her chemo. I didn't want her to do anything but pallative care because I've seen the devastation of treatments, but she chose otherwise. I drove her to treatments everyday since October 2010. I've opened my home to her and cared for her. I do not agree with the treatments, but I SUPPORT her right to choose. She is 133lbs down from her original weight. She barely eats and if she does she has explosive diarrhea. It kills me up that she won't stop the treatments. She's not living, she's a walking skeleton with skin. She has no social life, she can't enjoy her quilting...but she is alive.

Pancreatic cancer is horrible. My mother's oncologist sugar coats everything, then pulls me aside in the hall behind my mother's back. "I just don't want to steal her hope." Instead, he is stealing her life.

Please listen and talk to a PALLATIVE specialist. They are a wonderful resource and are usually more open to frank discussions. Life is wonderful when you feel good. When you don't, it can feel like a burden to the one who is suffering.

Bless your heart.

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HI, as you posted your comment a while ago I was wondering how your dad got on?
This is a message for everyone, I am writing a book to raise money for pancreatic cancer research and I'm looking for stories from people that have been affected by pancreatic cancer whether it is yourself or a friend or relative. If you would like to share your story and have it published in the book with your name, then please send it to http://patrickswayzechangedmylife.weebly.com
I am also looking for any pc survival stories too. Thank you!

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They my grandma is going to cancer center of America and she says its awesome the best doctors she says praying fir your dad

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