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pancreatic cancer

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I am looking for help and information. My dad who is 54 was diagnosed April 2010 with Pancreatic Cancer. It is stage 4 and he has spots on his liver. We have been going to a local oncologist at Gaston Oncology and he has been treating my dad with gemcitabine. He is going to be starting his 5th round next week. He goes 3 weeks with 1 week off. The doctor is saying things look better than the first CT Scan and the CA 19-9 numbers are being reduced. I am no doctor and not sure if the talk is to help my dad feel more positive or if it is actually working. Dad is saying things are worse now and it isn't from the chemo but from the tumor. We are told we have about 2 more rounds before he ends his 6 months of treatment.

Recently dad has been going back and forth on stopping his chemo until he saw an tv ad for the cancer treatment centers of america, but after doing some research it really doesn't look to be all that positive. I was wondering if any one has any information that will help us out. We do understand all patients are different.

I need some help on what advice to give because they are really looking to me to advice on directions and honestly it is a bit overwhelming and I don't want my dad or others to feel I chose the wrong direction.


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Tina Blondek
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Hello to you and your dad and family. My dad had ec with mets to the liver, he passed away in March of this year after a 16 month battle. The ec did go into remission for one year, then in December it went to his liver. Where do you live? I always suggest getting a second opinion. Go to a well known cancer center in your area. I am not too familiar with Cancer Centers of America, but there are a lot of others out there. Do your research. Ask a lot of questions. Stay strong and keep your faith. Keep in touch.

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