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second opinion hospital Fox chase vs Hopkins

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Just wondering about people's experience with these two hospitals I am leaning towards fox chase based on location.

Background...it is for my Father
I live out of the country but will be in town to help him through the initial process, and depending on procedure & timing would be able to fly back to assist him.

The location of Philadelphia is only an hour drive so more likely that my Father could find help getting up there for follow ups etc when I am not there (not the my Dad can't drive, but if follow up procedures require that he doesn't drive)

But I want to be making the best decision...what do you think?

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Joined: Jul 2010

heard that u of p had some bad press recently and as I live abroad didn't want to walk into something like that...

thanks in advance...

hopeful and opt...
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I beleive that the magazine US World ranked John Hopkins number 1 in many specialties, I'm almost a hundred percent certain that protate cancer treatment is one these specialties since they have some real heavy weights doctors there .

I live in orange county, which is south of los angeles, I drive about 35 miles each way to ucla to see my docs( in freeeway raffic it is hell)........there are several docs who are close to where I live who would like to have me as a patient , and some are walking distance.........I believe that location is second......additionally, in my opinion there are only a few world class surgeons, so it is well worth going to a different city for care..Many here have and do........since your father lives near john hopkins, the best hospital that I know of for prostate cancer , I would consider them.

For my active surveillance program driving is not a concern........only one time when I had an MRI with a Spectroscopy, I had to have a driver.

you mentioned press about johns hopkins.......what did they say?

Also I am not saying anything negative about fox, since I personally don't know anything about them.........the doctor that you are seeing may be perfectly fine......from what you posted, in my opinion they have been doing prety much the right things so far.


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Joined: Jul 2010

Hi Ira,

No the bad press was with University of Pennsylvania...there was a doctor apparently not doing things correctly and the hospital didn't have any kind of system where they double checked..I read it on here...

But as I just looked it up it was at the VA hospital associated with the U of P..


but it is still worth a read ..and exactly what you are talking about...the best doctor you can find is very important....

I feel so terrible for all these men....not sure how a doctor can do that and have an ok conscious...

Let's all take it as a reminder to look for the best...;)

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