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Flavored water

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I am having a terrible time finding something I enjoy drinking these days. Now that I am doing chemo again, I know I need to work at staying hydrated. As a rule I do not like flavored water. Too artificial tasting to me. My BF Teresa suggested I try Hint flavored water. On the heals of her recommendation I read about it in one of my women's magazines. It was rated very high, no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavoring. I got some this weekend and it really was tasty. I found it at the Fresh Market here in FL. Watermelon was really yummy. Also had, strawberry-kiwi, berry, and lemon-lime.

Also became a fan of purified water mixed with flat no-sodium club soda and a squeeze of fresh lemon over lots of ice. Weird huh?

Just thought I would pass it along.


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Thanks Joanne. I'm always looking for ways to flavor water and unfortunately can't use the crystal light or flavors like that due to the aspertame (sp?) - that gives me migraines. Bad enough we go through what we go through without adding migraines to it. I will have to see if we have any of this in Minnesota. Hope all is well with you. Marilyne

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I'm glad you have found a way to make all that fluid intake more palatable. I, too, find water very boring. But due to recent kidney function tests that were pointing to possible chronic kidney disease, I am having to drink, drink, drink! So thanks for passing on this info, as I will try to find some of this stuff. We have Fresh Markets here, so I should be able to get some. Like Marilyne, I can't tolerate aspertame. Not only does it give me headaches, but it makes me pee way too much!

Have a restful weekend!


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I drank alot of "flat" water, and "vitamin" water and Gatorade. But, every once in a while I would absolutely crave Mendota Springs Sparkling Lime Water (no sodium or sugars) with an added squeeze of lime over a lot of ice. (Maybe it made me feel like I was drinking a cocktail...)

For something less carbonated, there is Pellegrino Water.

I will have to look for Hint Water next time I am at Whole Foods. I got on their website and they have lots of different flavors (even cucumber)! And the watermelon sounds good too. Thanks for the recommendation.


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Fran Chandler
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I too am going thru chemo. I met you in January at Moffitt and you told me about this web site. In February they removed my right kidney,tube, cusp of bladder and lymph nodes because of kidney cancer. I went back on June 24th for my clean bill of health and the doctor found bladder cancer.So last Wednesday I had my first treatment and tomorrow is the second one with four to go. I am so glad that your doing well. I have been using Propel in my water and of course it is strawberry kiwi and there is no aspartame. I have read a lot of bad reviews about aspartame as it is a chemical. Propel has sucralose or splenda a natural sugar. Take Care Fran

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