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Mouth Ulcers

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It seems as though I spend half my day cleansing my mouth: flossing, brushing, flouride trays, salt water and baking soda gargles, L-Glutamine and then do it all again. But hey, its been pretty effective so far, I have had only minor problems with mouth/tongue ulcers. I do the salt water and baking soda gargle through-out the day and then at night, when I have to get up to urinate (usually 3/4 times each evening) I have a quick gargle again. It really seems to soothe my throat, especially in the evening. The L-glutamine I usually mix into my morning protein shake and then gargle 1-2 glasses mixed with water during the day. This regiment seems to be working well for me....so far. Thanks to all the advice I picked up on this forum.

One other item I have been using that I haven't seen mentioned here, a product given to me by my dentist: Solcoseryl. It is a dental paste used specifically for mouth ulcers and inflammation of the gums. It works like a champ. The active ingredient in Solcoseryl "contains a haemodialysate from calves blood to promote healing and polidocanol to relieve pain", Not sure what that all means, but what I do know is that it really works for me. Apply this paste to a sore/ulcer/tender spot on your tongue or gums and, for me anyways, it is instantaneously painless. My problems with mouth ulcers have not been huge, but I have had a few. Cheers.


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Glad to hear!
When are your rads done?
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