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Any one have this symptom?

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So I have been thru Radiation (Feb 10) and Chemo (May 10) and for the past week or so I am getting twinges of pain in my lower region (below the belly button). It is a quick twinge, similar to back to the old Ovulation days.... Since I no longer have those parts, I am wondering if I need to be concerned? Anyone else have them? I have an appt on 8/12 with my surgeon, just not sure if I should wait that long to mention.

Whatcha all think?


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I have the same twinges and was told that it was from a surgical clip placed during my hysterectomy. Also, there is something called a urachus, a fibrous cord from your bladder. Does the twinge disappear after you empty your bladder? If so, might be that. My radiation oncologist told me that.

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i can't tell you how many miscellaneous pains i've had since my surgery over a year ago. nothing was wrong at all. my doctor told me she was "unimpressed" with my pains, and said they are most likley nerves recharging/connecting. they come and they go, and i've ceased worrying about them. i wouldn't be concerned if i were you, could also be adhesions/scar tissue--it was a big surgery! if it were me, i'd just keep my scheduled appointment and try not to worry about it. it's a good sign that the pains come and go.

sisterhood, maggie

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Cecile Louise
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I had a complete hysterectomy 2-1/2 years ago. About 9 months ago I started having what feels very much like menstrual cramps - a constant feeling of pressure with occassional sharp pains probably 90% of the time. No one can tell me what it is, but I've had a CT scan, colonoscopy, and I've seen a urologist and all tests have come back fine. I'm guessing that it is scar tissue or the clamps and have found that Aleve helps a lot. It's something I'm learning to live with and am no longer so upset by it, thinking that it must be cancer.


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Thanks Ladies, you have made me feel much better. I haven't had that twingey pain in a few days...it was just weird because it brought me back to a time when I had "those parts".

It is not painful enough for meds...thank goodness!


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