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For Ro

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I read somewhere in the blogs that your insurance may not pay for doxil. FIGHT IT. It is now recommended for relapses of ovarian and uterine cancer. Send the company articles. Have your Doctor fight for you. Be assertive; tell your Doctor you want him to fight for it; not have someone in the office do it. Plain adriamycin can affect your heart. I took it for breast cancer. The liposomatic doxil is so much easier. What insurance do you have? I also took avastin with it and had great results; now that one is hard to get covered but you can get it covered with serous. I am so sorry with all of the heartache and stress we have that we have to fight for medication we need to just live! Please, don't throw in the towel. Fight it.
Also, I read that prozac increases the efficacy of doxil 1000%. I would start taking it six weeks before you begin doxil; it takes that long to work.

They don't have all the data in on that one but it can't hurt. Liposomal doxil was developed in Israel and they also noted that prozac helped; they are trying to do retro studies so results are out fast. But since it's not contraindicated I thought why not give it a shot?

I know we walk a fine line from being over involved in our care (telling the Doctor what to do; reading on the internet until we're scared to death) and being assertive and an advocate for ourselves. Now is time to be an advocate.

I did get a rash after the fourth one. But it was 100 degrees here and I went out two stores. I think what got me was getting back in the 150 degree car. Not too smart. So if it's hot get some good books, videos, have friends over.


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So far I am not getting any further chemo. Both of my onocologists said I would go back on Taxol/Carbo is I need treatment again. In August it will be a year since my chemo, so they felt this drug combination would be the one to use.

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. If the Taxol/Carbo does not work, I will certainly fight for the Doxil, if that is what the onocologist feels would work better, I have my next tests the end of the month, and am hoping for continued observation.

Diane do you have a date for your surgery. You remain in my prayers. In peace and caring.

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I must have been confused. Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Surgery is August 18. I'm scared but it will also help them get more info for serous; my data will go to a researcher.

Love ya,

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