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Skin cancer my secondary cancer now/husband deserted me

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So I started by getting thyroid cancer, then during my treatment or at the end of it my husband cheated on me. In the midst of this news I got skin cancer.

I am deeply depressed now, he says this to me

"you would be sick whether you were with me or not"

I wish I hadn't lived almost, I will have a lifetime of treatments, all of this with my health was a lot to deal with and now I am facing being alone the rest of my life. It is almost too much.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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There are certain things in life you cannot change: a cancer diagnosis, and a man without love in his heart or compassion.

Sometimes being "alone" is better than having to deal with the latter. Your family and friends will rally around you. Let them support you as they will freely give you the love and support you need, without expecting anything in return....

Best wishes,


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Dear Teresamc, I most hang out on the Prostate Cancer page, but I noticed the wife of a famous former football coach died of skin cancer at the age of 54 and that prompted me to look in on this page and I saw your post.

And to answer your question, yes, it does happen to other people. I am not one of those, but yes, it happens to others. You can go into the chat room and meet some of them, and I suppose on every page under every cancer there are heartbreaking stories like yours.

There isn't much consolation in knowing that, but yes, it does happen. Cancer is very stressful, and the stress of cancer sometimes breaks up a marriage, particularily if there was already a lot of stress in the marriage before cancer. What we have just scares people and weak characters just can't handle it.

I do wish you well, and hope you can find new strength in faith in Jesus. We walk here now as if in a dark place, but there is something much better coming.

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