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Finally mom is leaving hospital!!!

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So happy!!! After 30+ days in the hospital mom is getting dicharged tomorrow!! I'm doing the happy dance!! However, she is not coming home, she is to spend 2 weeks @ inpatient physical therapy rehab facility!! She has been in the hospital since every day but 2 since June 9th!!

They have tested and scanned and retested and rescanned = all cancer they were treating is in remission (SCLC W/mets to brain and spine)!! She just became extremely weak in her legs and has been unable to walk - all is checking out clear and good and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and so far it is NOT a train!!

My best to all of you, just wanted to share!


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Your mom must be so glad to be having a change - I went stir-crazy after only 2 1/2 weeks in a hospital room. 30 days, wow! And she is in remission, this is great!

Congratulations are in order for your mom, and you, too ;)


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Glenna M
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This is such wonderful news Elysia!!! Two weeks in rehab will seem like nothing compared to what you and your mother have already been through. Especially now that she knows that she is in remission.

I love reading such good news, it starts my day off with a smile ;-)

Please keep us updated on how you and your mom are doing.

My best to both of you,

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I am new here Elysia and just wanted to say how happy I am for you and specially your mom to be able to come home soon. My prayers are with you both.


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Hey all, thought I would update briefly. First, the facility she is at is wonderful!!! Very nice and caring people, great PT Team....

She came home on Saturday and Sunday for 4-6 hours respectively, it was nice to see her in HER house. The sad thing was that she said she "felt out of place" and once mentioned that she was "ready to go back home".....

We had nice time though, sat out by her pool.....she just had a fantstic pool put in last summer, her retirement gift to herself...of course, we all just sat in the shade under the unbrella for the most part. This weekend, we are going to get those legs moving in the water!!

Felt nice to be somewhat "normal" for awhile.....whatever normal is!!

Take care everybody!!

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Hi Elysia, Great news about your Mom.. That's awesome that she's in remission.

My mom has been through 2 rounds of chemo (has SCLC) so far and is doing well. After her fourth round they're going to start radiation.. She also has mets to the brain but I've noticed she's much sharper w/her short term memory so we're hoping that's a good sign that things are working.

She picked out wig last Friday as her hair really starting thinning out mid last week. It looks so natural, you can't even tell it's not her real hair/style.. She also picked up some beautiful scarves and a pink hat.. My sister went with her and they were sending me picture text messages so I could give my opinion on the different wigs etc.

We're taking it one day at a time, following all doctor's orders and praying everyday!..

Take Care, Deb.

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