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Still Fighting

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It has been over a year since my husbands diagnosis and he is still fighting. He started out with stage IV tonsil cancer and did 35 rads with three cisplatin. Finished last Sept. Then on New Years Eve found out more "spots" showed up on PET in lymph nodes in the chest and started more chemo in Jan. Finished that on June 11. Then he couldn't keep anything down, had a PET and MRI to find out he had a mass in the small intestines. Had surgery to remove the blockage. He spent 15 days in the hospital. Surgery was a success and he is now eating and feeling better. However, the chemo treatment we did since January didn't help and the cancer has spread to more lymph nodes in the chest area and showed some spots on his spine. We meet with the oncologist on July 26 to see what are options are "if any". He is not even sure he wants to do more chemo. Since he is feeling pretty good now and has gained some energy back, he may opt for no more treatment. What a rollercoaster this has been. If anyone wants to read my blog over the past year, maybe it can help someone. We have seen it all. Cancer Sucks, that's all I can say. To all of you who are doing well, Embrace everyday! You are truly my heros. Donna

my blog address is:


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Sorry for the situation and all that you both have been through. I'm not in your situation and can't really say how I would handle it. It's easy to say that I would keep fighting, but again I'm not in those shoes, and hope not to be. I can only say to be strong an fight for life.

Though I can offer you my continued prayers, thoughts and support.

That link above doesn't work for me, but this one does;



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Thanks for helping me with the web site, I always forget that first part. I am glad you are doing well and I pray for all you cancer fighters. What a bunch of tough cookies you are. Thank you for the prayers as well. God Bless

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Thanks for the thoughtful and brave post Donna. I wish you and your husband the best of days. I will be going for "mop up" lymph gland surgery the day after your husband's appointment and neither I, nor any of us here--or anywhere--know what tomorrow brings with it. Cancer sucks indeed, but it's you and your husband who are the heros. Thank you for the blog, I will be looking at it.

with prayers, Hal

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I read parts of your blog and I am very impressed with how supportive you are of your husband and what a fighter he is. Hope eveything works out for both of you. Positive thoughts coming your way.


friend of Bill
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Cancer does suck and it also doesn't care. But we do. Prayers and warm thoughts coming your way.


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Glenna M
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Donna, after reading your blog I would say that you are a hero!! You and your husband have been through so much and continue to fight. As many people on this site have said - they would rather be the one fighting cancer and not the caregiver. Your role is a tough one but you have been there fighting along side your husband and never giving up.

I will be thinking of both of you on the 26th and hoping that you receive some good news. Stay strong and know that we are all here rooting for you and your husband.

My best to both of you,

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As a journalist I appreciate the fact that you've documented your journey through cancer -- and I'm impressed by the bravery it takes to make such a personal journey public.
I kept a journal during those dark days, and have kept much of the e-mail correspondence I had with dear friends and relatives as I was going through treatment. I did that mainly because I'm a writer and that's how I process information, but also with the thought that perhaps -- if I survived -- I might try to turn it into an article or even a book. But in the nearly two years since my treatment ended, I haven't looked at it once. Maybe someday, when I get some more distance from it, but not just yet.
BTW, cancer does suck -- and you can get "Cancer Sucks" buttons, shirts, socks (socks!) and other stuff just by Googling "Cancer Sucks." (I think I'll buy a T-shirt.)
You and your husband will be in my prayers.

--Jim in Delaware

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