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Any one else? Residual pain 2 1/2 months after surgery

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Seems odd but I sometimes get some minor abdominal pain and occasional moderate pain in area where prostate used to be.. Usually more pronounced when "squeezing area".. Surgery was 2 1/2 months ago..I feel great and PSA was less than one so I am not worried..just seems odd that this pain is there.. not all the time but sometimes..Anyone?

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The question we need to have answered first is, is this real pain? LOL!

Real or not, I don't remember what you are describing.

What I have had and continue to have are the strangest dreams sometimes. Dreams about my own sexuality- very unsettling dreams.

I wonder if anyone else has troubling dreams after surgery?

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First, father, I don't recall any pain at all after leaving the hospital. I was given a scrip of about 30 "Limbaugh Specials" painkillers and never needed to take any. I give all credit to my very gifted surgeon - a real DaVinci ace! I remember the foley catheter being a major inconvenience (I referred to it as my plastic anchor because it kept me planted in the house) but never felt any appreciable pain anywhere.
Trew, it's funny you mentioned dreams. I had very weird dreams but they were all before the surgery. First off, you have to know that I consider myself fairly self-reliant so the common thread of these dreams was unsettling to say the least. They went on for several weeks and they were all different but all involved me getting into some kind of jam/problem/situation that I could not get out of without the help of some other person. Gee, sounds like something I was going through back then, doesn't it? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how this disease gets into every level of your being. Since surgery, I sleep much better until the week before each of my PSA checks. Then it's back to tossing and turning.

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I have had some minor abdominal pain here and there occasionally. Never anything signifcant, and never prolonged. Also not a sharp pain just a dull ache. Mentioned it to doc on last visit and he said it should subside as time goes on. So far, he is right as the occasions of it have become less and less frequent.


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