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Dr. sent slides for "special staining"??????

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I am still worried about my melanoma!! My dermatologist removed my melanoma and biopsied another mole at the same time... It has been about 10 days. I got a call from the nurse and she said that the doctor sent my slides out for "special staining" What does that mean??? It doesn't sound good to me! Anybody have any ideas?????

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Ok Bob, not sure what the special staining is except there are numerous ways of looking a mel on a slide, some have to do with parfin and additional wax type substances and frozen slides. If I were you I'd have your drs office fax you a copy of the pathologist report so you can really get an idea of what the pathologist is saying, just having the nurse call and give you that info is not good enough.
Even after my mammograms I want the report that's in my file, not a letter saying everything looks good.
If they won't fax it to you, tell them that you will be by to pick up a copy of it. Don't let them put you off. it had information that will help you decide what's what.

and also read, read, read... the info on the websites are at times overwhelming, I don't look at pictures anymore, I only read the explanations of what is done during biopsys etc.

I was lucky, I had 0 stage melanoma in situ, caught extremely early however i have a few moles on my back which i can't see well that are being monitored ever 3 months.

Hang in there and remember to breath!


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Well, heard from the doctor today. Unfortunately the mole that she biopsied on my leg when she was doing the arm surgery for the fist melanoma is also melanoma. I am scheduled for surgery again on Tuesday. What are the odds of getting two primary melanomas at the same time? I don't think this is good at all! I am trying not to panic... any have and words of encouragement??

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