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Update From My Scans of Last Week....

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...Well my doctors appointment was this morning, a week from my scans, and the result wasn't too great.

The Folfox isn't working for me, in fact, the tumors grew. A couple grew some cm and the rest were all mm. I didn't have to do chemo today, or folfox anymore, since it didn't work....

BUT, the doctor has 3 options for me to do, whatever comes up first, which he said it can take a week to 5 weeks for clinical trials to come up, he said he is giving me a much needed break from chemo, a 3-6 week break, which he said I will love, and to get out and have fun, haha...and we will also be talking to a Intervention Radiologist to do the SIR Spheres, and see how much it can shrink these tumors. He said this usually works well, and they do one lobe at a time, as many times as needed, and I shouldn't feel bad from it. I will be "put out" during out the catheter part from the groin to the liver, and the rest doesn't hurt. It's having little glass beads shoot right into the tumors to break them up.

One clinical trial he is wanting to try is something where he has to test my liver for this gene that 1 out of 5 people have, to be a candidate, which involves a vaccine, he didn't say much on the trials yet, since he'll wait to see if I'm even a candidate.

The other clinical trial, I forgot! but I believe it's just a different chemo cocktail. I am going to go for the spheres, to see what it can do, I'm ready to do something different, and hope I am a candidate for that vaccine, he said it sounds promising. I was worried about them growing during my break, and he said they grew on the chemo too, and it would be ok, I said, "I'm not going to die in 6 weeks, am I?" LOL...he looked at me right in the eyes, with a smile and said "NO" he said if I could have surgery, he will jump on that, and he will not give up on me. He is very confident, I like him alot better then the onc I had before, at least he wants to do other options for me.

I hope everyone is well, and just wanted to give you an update on where I am, thanks everyone for being there for me!


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Have a good break, a much needed one I am sure. I know the beads, I did Theraspheres, really worked for me. Basically all the tumors were dead when I had the liver resection, and I know they said that is the reason I could havbe the resection because they worked so well for me. I do not hear of many trying them, and I wonder why sometimes? Keep me posted, maybe I can answer some questions about the process or the procedure if oyu have any.


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...Definitely be pm'ing you if I have any questions, or I can do it here since more may have questions about it, and may get some info about it here as well.. I know, I see not many people have had this procedure, and wondered why as well. It's all contained in my liver, and there's just too many he said to have the surgery, but you never know what it could do, he said this doesnt cure it, it's treatment, and can be done multiple times, were you in any pain after this procedure?? and were you knocked out during it?


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I KNOW you are a strong fighter, and this is going to show it once again!!!

BIG hugs, Kathi

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Paula G.
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I just sent you a PM. I am so bummed. I hope you enjoy your break.

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You go out and enjoy that chemo break! I am glad to hear that the onc has some good options for you. Have fun with your kiddos this summer!

I'm thinking of you and saying prayers.


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Like Paula, I also sent you a PM so you will be busy reading.

If you can, see these other doctors while you are on your chemo break so you can get a plan of action in place.

Gosh darn, I was hoping for better news, that the Folfox was doing for you what it did for George. Now George is still has mets but Folfox really did its job.

Take care - Tina

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Donna, so sorry the chemo isn't working for you; you figure with the crappiness that is oxaliplatin, it should work! Glad to hear your onc is working on other options though, options are always good! I'm confident you will find the right option for you and will be able to get those darned tumors and put them in their place! Sounds like theraspheres is a very promising treatment. I had a single met to my liver and had microwave ablation done, since the radiologist said that theraspheres are only used when there are many mets. Certainly will consider it in the future if it becomes necessary! Keep fighting, gal, you are very strong and can kick this cancer's a$$.

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Kerry S
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You got spunk kid!!!!! Hang in there and enjoy the chemo break. With your spunk you can and will be a winner. My prayers are going your way.


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Hey Girl! I believe there is a reason for everything and it seems the reason the Folfox did not work for you is because there is something bigger and better in your future. I too will be sending prayers and good vibes your way. Take full advantage of the chemo break. It will give your body a chance to regroup and get ready for what is to come. Hugs to you my friend!


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Miss Donna, it looks like you and I are in the same boat. I am past conventional therapy and onto a trial. My doctor seems to be dead set against any kind of surgical option. I'm going to confront him about that the next time I see him. I hope all goes well for you and I am in your corner. You are a sweet woman and you deserve all the best.


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Thanks so much for the update. I am really ticked that this chemo wasn't working, but glad your onc has good options for you. I hope you enjoy the chemo break. You know I am thinking of you. Take good care!

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Donna -

Your spirit and graciousness and attitude never cease to amaze me. I am bummed for your news but am glad you have a Doctor that seems to be in the ring WITH you. My feeling is, if you are physically, not too weak from the chemo etc, a break will get you in een better shape for whichever procedure you will do next. Maybe Sir Spheres IS the option you should go for. Get the tumors shrunk so you CAN have surgery.

Big Ol' Hugs sent from chicago to you dear Donna



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My Chicky:)

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I am thinking of you and wishing you the best,


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You are a fighter and will find the right solution. Your doctor appears to be on top of options. May God bless you and help with your recovery.

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Hey my friend.. Sorry to hear about the chemo not working the way we where hoping but the good part of it is that new they will be doing the SIR Spheres. I've heard a lot about this and it seems to work great on almost everybody. I'm so happy you do get to have a break from the chemo and you start feeling great in no time. Dieing within 6 weeks? maybe if we get hit by a bus but not from cancer. We have a wedding to go to!!

I lov ya

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Hi Donna,

I'm sorry to hear the scan results were not what you wanted to hear- truly. But, I'm glad you have confidence in your onc and he seems to have options- that is definitely good!
I am having a week off from chemo right now, myself, as I was so tired and the hand/foot syndrome from the Xeloda was unbearable, so I needed it. It's actually just part of reconfiguring my chemo schedule for me around an upcoming vacation in August. So, I know you will enjoy a few weeks' break from all the chemo. Try not to worry- you know you will have the theraspheres or possibly something else soon- that will zap away any growth that is happening now. I never looked into that for myself, just because it seemed kind of pointless to do that for my liver when my lungs are filled with tumors- I don't think there is that kind of option for the lungs. Anyhow, you will be okay- hang in there and, as others have said, go enjoy the summer with your kids!

Hugs and prayers,

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Dear Donna,
Though I haven't been on this board for very long, you've been an inspiration for me. You've been supportive and encouraging to so many, and have done so with humor, compassion, and such true caring. You seem to live your life with enthusiasm and an amazing lack of self-pity. I wish your results had been better, but am glad to hear that you have several options and a doctor who sounds like he's right there with you in this fight. May you and your medical team see great success with whatever treatment option(s) you choose.
Best wishes and may blessings be yours,

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Hey, Donna.

I'm sorry your results were not fabulous, but I hope some of the news things the doctor wants to try will make a positive impact. You've already been through a lot, and you really deserve a break.

I'll be praying for you, dear!


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Nana b
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Donna, you are in my prayers!! I wish we were all closure so that we could move in together! HA! No really, I do wish we were closer. Hang in there and keep doing all you can to fight this demon! Hugs!

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Take Care Donna. God Bless! Margaret

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sorry to hear the scans weren't all you were hoping for -- but I'm delighted that you have been presented with OPTIONS -- and that your onc seems so upbeat -- and what you are wanting/needing. Enjoy the chemo break! We all need 'em.....And my philosophy is: so long as there are still options out there, there is still hope.....

Lots of love,

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Thinking nothing but curing thoughts for you Donna.....and prayin for you every night!

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you still sound upbeat, which is vital, as you know.....In addition, there is always something new being uncovered in the research being conducted around the world, so never give up. Enjoy your mini vacation, regather your strength and things will work out well....,steve

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Oh, Donna, I am so sorry to hear the chemo isn't working for you right now, but I know that one of the other options will be just what the doctor ordered. You are such an inspiration to everyone on this board and you need to know so many are pulling for your and saying prayers. Keep us updated and it sounds like you and your oncologist are right on track. I am thrilled your new oncologist is so proactive! Keep up your spirits.

Hugs and Healing,

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so sorry the chemo isn't working right now! and you do deserve a break. Surgery sounds like a good choice right now! Hang tough, you can do this!!! I am so happy that this new oncologist seems to be working for you!!!

Fight for my love
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Enjoy the break.You are in my prayers as always.Hugsss.

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Can't tell you how sorry I am to hear of your latest scan results. However, I'm glad that you have other options available to you. I know you will kick some butt, and really enjoy your vacation from chemo. no mo chemo no mo chemo (nice chant, eh) Stay positive and keep us informed as to what you're doing on your vacation.

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I am so truly sorry for your news. Like everyone else, I'm so glad you have an onc that will give you more options than the last one. You girl, have ALWAYS been such an inspiration to me. You're a fighter and I knew that the first post I read of yours. You keep that attitude and that spirit. Good luck with the Sir spheres. I'm sure they're gonna do wonders for you!!

Love and Hugs,


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I so hate to hear this news, but I am confident that your ONC has a plan and one that will work. There arent words to describe how wonderful I think you are, such a wonderful mom, a great person and someone I am honored to be a friend of. I HATE cancer, I hate what it does to all of us, knowing it causes so much pain to so many.

Please enjoy the break from chemo, hope you feel well enough to get to go out and enjoy things, how are the kids enjoying the summer?

Please know I am always thinking and praying for you. Stay Strong my friend...


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damn cancer! You are such an inspiration. I'm sorry that the folfox wasn't working. But...hoping that the spheres will help. (I've heard about SIR Spheres but don't really know how it works.) Also, whatever clinical trial you're oncologist has for you.
Holding you in the Light for hope, healing, and strength.

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I'm really bummed to hear the chemo isn't working for you. But so glad to hear that you have other options for treatment. Having an oncologist that is in your corner really makes a difference. My oncologist has been nothing but supportive and encouraging, that really helps when things don't seem to be going well. I will be praying for you and good vibes are headed your way.


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Enjoy your chemo break and I am hoping that the clinical trial works its stuff for you. I remember when you first came on the board and how this cancer stuff was just so overwhelming and now, you roll with the punches like a pro (not that we like those punches mind you). You continue to be an inspiration for me, and I'm sure for all those around you. Here's a bug cyber hug for ya!

all the best, Leslie

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You are so brave and honest. Prayers to you right now....

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We're to damn honery to die...LOL...Hang in there Sis, your gonna be fine....Love to you, Buzz

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I'm so sorry to hear FOLFOX isn't working. But it is great you've found an oncologist you like that has new options for you. After so much chemo, it is good that you have options other than chemo to try. Enjoy your break from chemo - while it is bad news that it wasn't working, it is good news that you get a break before starting something else. It wears everyone down after a while. Now you'll have a chance to get your strength back up to get in and fight with a different tool, whatever you and your doctor decicd to try next.

I continue to be amazed at your strong positve attitude and spirit!

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Enjoy the chemo break and good luck with your dose of "little magic beads!" I have mine almost five years ago. I know how scary it is when one chemo starts working and the next step isn't clear, but with a break, and listening to all of those here that are supportint you another step will soon materialize.

Thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes!

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Donna, I have not been on line for quite some time, you came on line when I wasr done with chemo and trying to deal with the aftermath. All your post's I have seen have been so brave and optimistic, I really admire your spirit. My prayers are going your way.


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So sorry to hear the latest but keep the faith and keep fighting on. We need you here on this board. You are such a loving, caring and thoughtful person...so look forward to reading your post. Will keep you and your family in each and every thought and prayer. Hope the clinical trial is the one that stops the monster!!

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