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I thought I had posted this so please forgive me if there is a duplicate floating around.. I am the one who wrote last week about my dad being down just sitting and staring.. Well we got some good news from his latest CT (his CEA had been rising up to 4).. It showed the tumors had shrunk so more (last scan they were stable) he seems to be a little better, I think a lot of last week he was worried about this scan.. The only thing he asked the Oncol if the tumors would continue to shrink and he said they wouldnt go away.. Even though the small ones have died how can he determine that the larger ones wont die? Thanks for letting me vent!

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I'm so glad your dad is feeling better this week! I think we all get a little crazy when it's time for a scan or bloodwork.


P.S. I believe in miracles, and maybe those larger tumors WILL shrink!

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