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Anticancer info online

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Claudia suggested I begin a new thread with a previous post I made in the hopes of highlighting this information. Sorry for any repetition this might be for some of you.
Dr. David Servan-Schreiber who wrote the book, "Anticancer: A new way of life" is a neuroscientist who got a brain tumor 17 years ago. Now he is stressing the importance of diet, exercise, and relaxation. I was looking at his website and found his slide show very helpful. It gives guidelines on how and what to eat: Essential Anticancer Guide

There's an interesting video about him on the homepage:

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber's Remarkable Story

He made an interesting point in the video (7:30 in). He said that the breast cancer med Herceptin reduces the risk of relapse by 50%. He said that walking 30 minutes, six times a week reduces the risk of breast cancer relapse by 50%. He said that we haven't heard nearly as much about walking as we have about Herceptin.

He's involved in an integrative medicine project at MD Anderson (see homepage). Hopefully, they will get enough private funding to conduct it.

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I saw Claudia's message and jumped on this site....wonderful information! I setup with my email for updates or newsletters frequently, as suggest others do as well.

Agree 100%, all the medical docs are touting more meds to help us avoid cancer and reccurances, but how about more on the foods we eat, exercise and mind-altering stress releasers. I'm right behind this man and hope to keep my cancer away forever. Our bodies can heal themselves if we give them the proper nutrients, just need to learn which foods/spices have the most bang for the buck!!!

Many on this site have opened my eyes to alternatives to get us thru our cancer. Plse keep sending this helpful information as I'm right with Dr. David Servan-Schreiber.

Now go enjoy your day ladies~

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Thanks so much for posting the website. Great info and I have signed up for the email updates!

I do believe we can do so much for ourselves on this journey...and it will be a good journey, NED!!

I wish I could get friends and relatives interested in reading some of these books so they can AVOID getting cancer. Seems many of us started a bit late in that department, but we are becoming FAST learners! When I try to get those without a cancer diagnosis (yet?)to read some of these things, they think I am some kind of crusader or "it doesn't apply to ME". I will keep trying!

HUGS to all of you sisters!


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I have experienced a similar reaction from others - "Well I don't have cancer" --Yikes! don't they want to keep it that way??? I had someone quite glibly announce she'd never have to worry about being like me because she gets her annual 'well woman' check-ups! Like I didn't?? I guess we have two kinds of people, those that have cancer and those that don't, lol.
Hang in there ladies, let's all keep on keeping on! --Annie

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Annie....glad to hear that I am not the only one experiencing that reaction!

Like annual well woman check-up detects uterine cancer....we have ALL been there, haven't we?

At least we have this group of smart women who share ideas and research they find....we will "keep on keeping on"..


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