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Highway Patrol

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I was stopped by the man last month coming back from chemo. He said I had been swerving a little and he wanted to check if I had been drinking. I told him where I had been and we had a long discussion. As it turns out we're nearly neighbors and I invited him to fish my pond. During our discussion, he asked how I had known I had cancer. I told him that I had had very few symptoms, none of which I recognized at the time they were occurring but now recognize in retrospect. He said his wife had been experiencing similar symptoms. I told him to get her to the Dr ASAP. They stopped by today. She has been diagnosed with both stage 2 colon and esophogeal cancer. The Dr has given her a very good prognosis and things should be fine. I try to tell everyone I meet to get checked. This is the second time I have gotten to someone before it was too late. Please tell everyone you can about your experience, you never know who it will help.

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While few ask about the blue band on my wrist, any chance I get when in conversation to bring up to others the importance of colonoscopy, I do; I've also suggested to many I've met at my cancer center to log onto this site (or the one here that pertains to their cancer type)....(Except periodically I say get a "colostomy" instead of a "colonoscopy"--maybe cos its easier for me to pronounce the former than the latter tho we all know there's a huge difference between them) Hope all's well by you, John......steve

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whether they take my advice or not is up to them, but I sure to urge people to get checked. It's not that bad, but boy, it sure has a bad rap to get checked. Even the night before wasn't THAT bad. It could all be so much worse. I'm glad he took her in. There is nothing like finding out you have cancer.

Bless you for mentioning it to him. I'm sure he's grateful that she has a good prognosis.

(Am I the only one that didn't ask for a prognosis?)

I've bugged my siblings to all get checked. All but one has, not his intention to not have it done, but he's dealing with other health problems his doc found while doing his preliminary screening.

Love and Hugs


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everyone i meet to get checked it could save your life.I wished someone told me.


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You did a "mitzvah" (a good deed)! I believe it's a mitzvah each time one of us tells/reminds/encourages someone else to get checked. Because I was under 50 when I was diagnosed, I'm often asked what made me go get checked. I tell the 'asker' that I had some bleeding, and that anytime we bleed from someplace blood doesn't usually come, GET IT CHECKED ASAP! I know I waited over a month (maybe more --- I really can't remember) and still kick myself since who knows if that time made a difference or not.
Kind regards and best wishes,

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Good deed indeed, John. You just may have saved this woman's live or at the least spead up her diagnosis, giving her a better prognosis.

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That you are a true saver of lives!!!!

I sometimes wonder why I was 'saved'. Then, something happens like did to you...and I say 'Oh, yeah, that's it!!!'

Hugs to a true lifesaver!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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than in 2009: 142,570 vs 146,970.......steve

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We are NOT afraid of say 'rectum' in public!!!! And 'colon' is more than just a puncuation mark!

Hugs, Kathi

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You make us proud, JOHN! Thanks for helping out others. You are a good man! A Mitzvah indeed!


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No intention to steal the thunder from John....

He is always an inspiration, and we love him alot!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I believe divine intervention put you together with the officer, so you would have the opportunity to share that information with him. It's awesome that you were able to help save his wife!


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You did a good thing, way to turn it around. I know I hate it whenever law enforcement pulls me over for a little chat. Glad you didn't get a driving award.


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Paula G.
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Good advice,John. Thanks! Paula

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