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Help please

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sister has lung cancer diagnosed three weeks ago, she is very nauseated again, can not keep muchfood or water down, is this normal??
they did scan today to see if it has gone to her brain
help, i do not know what to expect?

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Hi, Azgrandma,

What have the doctors said, and had your sister started any chemo? Is she home, and are you her caregiver?
None of us really know what to expect in our cancer diagnoses, but you can start by talking to her doctors (if that is alright with your sister), and maybe waiting for the scan results. You said she had liver involvement? That might account for the nausea if she isn't on chemo yet. I wish you all kinds of luck!


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azgrandma, as stayingcalm has said no one knows what to expect as this is a very person type disease. It effects everyone differently, as the same is said for the treatments and their side effects. We all share some things the same and can tell you what we have been through, but that doesnt mean your sister will be the same.
And as stayingcalm ask has she started chemo? is her liver involved? as much info as you can give will help us relate to what she might be going through and if it is familiar to what any of us have gone through and what we did at the time.
Loss of appetite is not usual in cancer patients, sometimes its from the treatments, sometimes its from the disease.
If you can ask the Docs what is going on, and make sure they explain it so that your sister and you understand, dont just take their word for it, your sister and you need to be very pro-active in the fight of this disease, because there are so many different trains of thought in the medical feild in the treatment and what to do. If your sister is unhappy with how she is being treated by this Doc, get a second opinion. This disease has divide the medical feild, and treatment there are available and how useful they are. My wife and I live in Peoria, Az and we have within a few miles radius about 20 facilities/Doctors offices that specialize in Cancer treatment, so we feel never settle.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your sister, You, and the Families,
Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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