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Weight Gain after stopping chemo/liver resection

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any one else experience weight gain after liver resection. I am going from skeletal anorexic last year to porking out.....


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funny you should mention that.....just last night i was thinking I am not looking as slender as I was! Actually liked the weight I was at after my resection....and now it seems to be comin on and ALL in my stomach!!!! But I just keep reminding myself better to gain than be losing......to a point :)

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Folfox + resection changed my metabolism and put 40+ pounds on me; I'm trying to take it off.

However, things could be lots worse...

C Dixon
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I have gained 10 lbs since my last chemo session in mid April. I am having to work at keeping it from getting to 15 lbs. I stopped getting a period which I guess means menopause and a slower metabolism. I'm glad to hear someone say they liked their chemo weight. I know we have bigger problems but I liked wearing size 6 jeans. But I would rather have to battle the scale.........

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