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My husband is very weak. He can't walk. He needs assistance. No more chemo and Dr. told us about the hospice to give rafael the time he has be comfortable. I can't stop crying. I though he will be a survivor . He was so strong and so positive. 34 years old. I'm really sad. How can I keep strong for him. How to enjoy with all this sadness in my heart........ Do I need to quit my job??? What I must to do?? It is going to be soon. 6 months, 1 year???. the uncertain is killing me. When people asked me how can you be strong? and I always said: If Rafael keeps fighting I need to keep fighting too. Now he is so weak and he is very sad for me and to know his worries makes me feel useless . It is so hard........... Never though we will be in this situation.............. I want to die with him..

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Glenna M
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Nubis - My heart goes out to you and I wish there was something I could say or do to take away your pain. Saying I'm sorry just seems so insufficient. When I read your post I asked my husband "what do you say to someone so young at a time like this"? Unfortunately I do not have the words of wisdom you need but I wanted to let you know that I'm here for you if you need a shoulder or need to vent.

I'm sure there are many caregivers here who may be able to help you through this. Have you gone to the caregivers or surviving caregivers forum? There are probably many people there who have gone through what you are experiencing and can help you through this heartbreaking time.

You and Rafael will be in my prayers.

Stay strong,

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Dear Nubis,

God Bless both of you. Just be there for him. He will know you are.


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Thank you Glenna. Thank you very much. Today was a dark day for me. It is 9:30 p.m. I just want to sleep. I'm going to try the caregiver group. Thank you,


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Nubis, I am sorry to hear this news. Enjoy your time together, laugh, talk, share, make memories.

Hospice is there for you as well as Rafael, please take full use of the resources offered....

You are in my thoughts...


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I, am also sorry and sad to hear this unfortunate news our hearts are heavy.
All my thoughts and prayers are with you and Rafael.


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I hope you have had a chance at getting some rest for yourself.


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So Sorry to hear this terrible news. I will pray for Rafael and you.... Dan

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We are sorry to hear this news, but I have been on Hospice since Jan 09. They gave me 6 months because of my complicated health status, but I am still going strong. We pray Rafeal will do the same, Hospice has been a Godsend for us. They have taken care of everything, so there is a lot less stress on us , and we can focus on enjoying the time we have together.
We hope the same is true for you both, maybe Rafeal can gain some strength back as I did and beat what they think. If I can anyone can.
But most of all, we are here for you as we both journey down the same road.
Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your husband, You, and Your.Family,
Dan(cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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iam so sorry u are going through this with him and i know u are sad but think of all the good things youll have done togetherand you love him and he loves u.she we have to go through bad things to .i know i have a rare lung cancer its from basal cellcarcinoma from the skin that mestated to both lungs know cure,only three hunded cases in the world since 1895..but i think god ever day iam alive and i surive another day and love my god and family and friends.only god knows when its are time to go to heaven.even though u are going to miss him one day just look at allu have done and been their for him. all i can tell u is pray keep the the faith and love him ,god give u favor before u where born and a crown and u are bless every day so be very thing ful that god has not left you are your husbad alone my prays will go out to u and youre family and i will pray for youll . god bless u and youre husband shirley

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He is with you and Rafael always, I am praying for you guys. Do not give up!!!you`re strong and God is blessing you right now.

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