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Coffee colonics???

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Have any of you tried coffee colonics? I was just reading about the supposed benefits of de toxifying the liver. Just wondered what you all heard about these?


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sue- just a suggestion that you change your subject title to read, "coffee colonics?"

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Thanks Pattee......everything OK with you now???

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yeah, sorta, lol
on anti vertigo meds around the clock and have been laying down a lot
"this too shall pass" :)

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I found that sitting was more comfortable than lying down with vertigo. When I'm flat, the room spins. I prop myself up as much as possible when vertigo is the issue.

Take care.

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clean your liver by doing a liver and kidney cleanse.
Just GOOGLE Liver Cleanse and follow the procedure.

I think this works best in cleansing the Liver.

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I read about some Doctor that recommends these. When I read the supply list - 5 feet of tubing - or some such thing, I about spit myu guts out.

I can't even begin to think that shooting starbucks or folgers up your *** is going to cleanse anything and stave off cancer.

Besides, after all teh procedures I've been thru (a botched barium enema, the original colonoscopy - the prep for it was obscenely painful due to the then unknown large tumor in my colon) I will NEVER willingliy put anything up my keister EVER

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Ok that had me laughing out loud and I SOOOO feel the same....but you know how it is when you read some new "CURE ALL" If they could guarantee me that this would keep that cancer from coming back to my liver, I would give it a try....but we all know about guarantees~
Hope you're doing well and able to enjoy the summer Peggy!

Wow vertigo Pattee? My friend had it and didn't leave the house!!! Hope it isn't too bad and you get over it quickly!

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"I can't even begin to think that shooting starbucks or folgers up
your *** is going to cleanse anything and stave off cancer."

Now...... I'd really appreciate knowing how to get the coffee out
of my keyboard.....

To others that might be interested:

In TCM, the detoxification process is accomplished using herbs,
and only used -one- time, as a treatment.

The herbs used in the decoction will energize each organ independently,
and diarrhea may occur, but there will be an overwhelming feeling
as if you have the flu, or a cold. The process after taking the herbs
can last a few days to a week, but the patient feels stronger afterwards.

Once the cleansing is complete, herbs to restore the entire system
are prescribed.

The notion that an enema can somehow travel backwards into
the liver is..... well... I mean.... even if you stand on your head
whilst trying to pour into that lil' rosebud..... ??

Take a peek: Coffee a carcinogen ?

The detox event is overplayed, and in most cases your body does
a pretty good job of removing toxins all by it's lonesome.

The Liver and Kidneys are the primary cleaner-uppers, and they
have a tough time when one is taking pharmaceuticals that overload
both those organ's work duties.

Every stupid blood pressure, and cholesterol drug plays hell with
the liver. That's why those drugs carry warnings regarding "pre-existing"
liver or renal problems. They're going to give you a problem, and
if your already have a problem, it's gonna' get worse fast.

Even Tylenol gives a warning to not take it for longer than ten days....
but they give a caveat: "unless prescribed by your physician".
It doesn't make it "safer", it just gives Tylenol someone to point to
when you decide to sue.

The fear of dying can be overwhelming. Knowing that cancer
is considered a terminal disease always strikes fear in anyone
that gets that diagnosis. But allowing fear to drive one's quest
for a "cure", can all too often lead to spending a lot of cash for
zero benefit.

Coffee's cheap... But there's an awful lot of other stuff that the
same companies that push coffee enemas would love to sell you.

Beware of false idols..... ?

There are some things that have a wonderful history of actually
working, and a whole bunch of things that absolutely no historical
data attached.

Don't allow fear to cause you to follow paths to nowhere,
not TCM, not Western Medicine, not any "cure".

If it works, great; If it doesn't work, move on to the next.

Never be afraid to try something else.

Extra cream and sugar, please?


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Kerry S
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I like my coffee black and by mouth!!!

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Grande, extra hot, sugar free, hazelnut/vanilla non fat latte!!!

Love ya back!!!!

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Emily the juice chick can give you some info on this, it was part of her healing regimen back when she was in the fight for her life. I have actually tried them myself, but I can see that they would be tough to take if you are already having problems with your intestinal output. The idea behind them, of course, is that the caffeine contained in the coffee stimulates the liver, which stimulates the intestines to rid itself of the toxins in the waste; keeping you from holding onto those toxins the way many of us do. If you are going to try it, you have to be sure to use organic coffee beans, and they have to be caffeinated. It's really no more uncomfortable than any other kind of enema, but I can see how ANY kind of enema can be a deterrent. The information I read, with Emily's guidance, was interesting, and as I've said before, I've tried just about everything! If you really are interested in getting more info, Emily could give you more info.

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Nana b
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You have to cleanse the colon before you cleanse the liver!! You can cleanse the colon and kidneys at the same time, then cleanse the liver, then cleanse the blood. I have read this over and over in my research but here is an awesome website. It for detoxing. I printed all the articles and read them. VERY INFORMATIVE! For example raspberries should be eaten on an empty stomach. What vitamins to take with others, what vitamins are for morning which are for night....I totally get into this stuff!


I have not tried the detox, but thinking about it, it does all make sense!

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I just checked out the website you mentioned & saved it to my favorites on my computer to read more indepth later when I'm not so tired.
I find it all very fascinating, too. While on chemo, though, I don't think it's something I should probably do. I have heard much about it. I'm interested in the vitamins, what to eat with what or not and when vs. not, etc. Thanks for the link!


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Nana b
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Lisa see above. There are a lot of good articles on this site. Try the trader Joes supreme greens, for energy and the B vitamins, I bought mine separate, and not just one pill because I didn't want the folic acid.

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I've read about fruit on an empty stomach as well....and so much controversy about supplements etc now! I have tried juicing the veggies, and just can't seem to stay with it, so Trader Joes is one of my favorite stores....so I will check that out Raquel. Thanks for the website too! Great info!!!

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HAHAHA! Well i was surprised to hear Raquel mention them....thought they were just here in Oregon.
It's one of my favorite little places to grocery shop for produce, the little bit of organice stuff I buy, and the BEST prices on wine that you can find.....which is usually my main focus when I go there!

I prefer Dutch Brothers, or Black Rock Brooks. And YOU have a Dutch Brothers in Albany!!!

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I think you can get one at Starbucks?

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