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My Mom

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My mom has recently been diagnoised with cancer. We really do not have much information except that is metastatic cancer that is in her liver and lungs. Her doctors believe it has spread other places and they're doing a CT scan Thursday, July 15th.

We don't know the prognosis, but her doctor did tell her it was really bad. He said they haven't been able to pinpoint a point of origin. All this stemmed from my concern that my mother wasn't feeling well and had her check her BP. She had high BP and was rushed to the ER on early Saturday morning.

My mother is only 46-years-old! My mother has given so much in her life to raise my brother and I. She got married six years ago and was finally getting settled with her life. I felt like within the last three years she'd finally found some peace and happiness in life. FINALLY. NOW THIS!

I was so excited yesterday because on Sunday my husband and I found out we're pregnant. It all seems so bittersweet. I can't help to wonder the chances my mom will even be here when the baby is born.

It all seems so vague right now and I dont know what to do or what to say. Who to tell, who not to tell. We don't have enough information. We're waiting and it's the worst feeling ever.

I do not want to lose my mom. I'm sure no one on here ever wants to lose anyone.

I just feel so lost.

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I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I was 44 when dx with ovarian stage 3. My children were my first thought and I am sure that is was your moms. Congratulations on the being pregnant. I know the waiting can be hard for both the patient and the family. Please know that you are in my prayers.

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My mom is in the hospital now and they are running numerous tests. The doctor just tells us that every test is coming back abnormal, but they won't go into detail. I spent a day with her at the hospital, but am back to work now -- all I really want to do is be there with her.

I appreciate your thoughts and any prayers.

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It is very difficult to watch a parent endure a serious illness, even more so when you yourself have experienced one (Mine was metastatic testicular cancer). Just know that we on the CSN message board have been where you and your mother are and will hold you in our hearts and prayers.

Love, Courage, and Peace of Mind!


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HI, not sure my reply will be a good one, but here goes. I was the mom with cancer, my daughters are young. My only thought was "thank God it's me, and not them!"
Try looking at it from your mom's view too. Has she doen everything she wants, goals, dreams, etc... YOU are having the baby, not her.. she already had that fun. She knows that.
When I read that you found out you were pregnant right at the time of your mom's diagnosis, it seemed like a gift! Life is life, you are born and then you die. That's the realistic view, so the birth of your baby will be magical for you and your husband, and your mom...
Stay healthy, happy while pregnant, the worst thing you can do for your mom.. is not be healthy and happy! You have a new life waiting... rejoice in that! Please don't dwell on your mom's illness, deal with it, but don't dwell.. most mom's just want their daughters to be healthy and happy!!!

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First congrats on the baby news.
I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Just because one has cancer doesn't mean the end of life, a long battle to fight yes. Sounds like she has a wonderful support team, and so many reasons to fight this battle. I wish you, mom, and your family the very best.
hugs 2 u

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I had the same misfortune to find out my mother had cancer last year, and I lost her last week. My mum was 65 and I feel like I was ripped off and didn't get her long enough, so I imagine 46 feels even worse.

I'm so sorry that this is overshadowing what should be your happiest time, becoming a mother yourself.

All I can advise is be kind to yourself and your family, and try not to worry about things until they happen. Wait and see what the diagnosis, and treatment plan is and then work out what to do.

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