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sixth month check up scared to death

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Hi all my sixth month check up is coming up im going see the same docter who dignose me with cancer and right about now I keep reliving the moment he said You have cancer and still havent gottten used to that endoscope going in my nose no matter how much numbing meds he puts in there that crap hurts ! dose anyone have tips on dealing with this? my onco said I will have to go through this every three months since the primary is my nose but I thought they do scans every three months instaed of that scope only in my nose, the cancer was also in one lymph and and in my throat, can that scope also be used to look in the throat? thanks for lettting me rant and rave : ) God bless u all

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Pam M
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A lot of us get anxious when we're due for checks.

I know the dread of the scope. Dunno about nasal, but for throat, I'd hold my head as I would normally, and roll my eyes upward to look at the ceiling during the scan. Dunno why - it's just what my doc recommended, and it seemed to be less uncomfortable when I did.

I have not gotten scoped since before radiation started late January. I do know that they can sometimes see inflammation with the scope - dunno how inflammed and area needs to be to show in a CT - maybe that's an advantage for scoping.

I know scoping is uncomfortable for a longer period than scans are, but on the plus side, scoping doesn't expose you to additional radiation like the scans do.

Good luck with your check - let us know.

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I get scoped every month, but my doc is mostly looking in my throat(tonsil), not my nasal area, so it may not be the same. He still goes through my nose. I have learned to not fight the darn thing and just look up, relax, and "breathe it in." Sounds weird, but that's what he told me to do and it makes it a lot less uncomfortable. I haven't even used the numbing stuff the last couple of times. It sounds easy, I know. But it has worked for me.
I still get nervous that he's going to find something. Each visit is a little better though...

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I completed treatment for Left Tonsil SCC in June of 09, and now only have to have the dreaded TV camera up my nose every two months. I use only the right nostril. Seems to work better and I learned the hard way. When I 1st had this procedure, I wasn't aware that my ENT was a teaching professor at a Med School. This guy comes in and says he's Doctor ?, and the ENT Dr. will be in shortly. He then starts examining my neck...jaw line...etc. then sprays this stuff up my nose. Then starts feeding the scope up my nose and the whole routine. He leaves, and 5 minutes later here comes somebody else....and does the SAME DARN THING. She leaves, and my ENT arrives and wants to do it all over again. I was pretty hacked off by then, and was told that they were interns and just "practicing". Needless to say I refused to have it done the third time, which was okay since it had been video taped by both interns. The ENT and I have an understanding from that point on that I'm not a patient model....and Interns are not allowed to fiddle around with my nose and throat area......EVER.

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Good for you!!!!!! I did the same thing years ago when I had cerivical cancer. I let them know the first time they entered my room, ALL are to leave my room but the "real" doc.
We are already going thru enuf now to have people practing on us. God Bless.

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survivor, I definitely for your pain and wish you the best. I'm just like you only with iv's for surgery. A doc could say he had to cut and arm off and my first thot would be, "OH, NO, that means an iv. I've never gotten used to it or find a way to let go of the fear. I wish you the very best. If you have nerve meds I suggest you take one b4 the visit.
I wish you the best.
God bless you, Survivor,

Kent Cass
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Hope all goes well with you, 31. I visit my ENT this Friday, then the Rad next Monday: 15-month check-ups. You'll be okay, and so will I. Try to stay Positive-



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I feel your pain on the scope thing. It is quite uncomfortable but when I'm having one done I find myself more focused on whether or not he'll find anything than I am on the scope itself.
What I really hate is when he puts his fingers down the back of my throat to feel the base of my tongue.
All will be well just try and stay positive. I'm not sure what your dietary restrictions are but sometimes I'll reward myself with an iced chocolate something or other from Tim Hortons after an appointment...as I'm sitting there with a tube down my nose/throat I think of my soon to be tasty treat.

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D Lewis
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I'm gonna hold that thought about a tasty reward to get myself through the exam. I find the doctor's palpating the base of my tongue to be far worse than the nasal scoping. I have a huge gag reflex, and react kind of like a cat when it gets a pill. I've been warned that every single exam from here on out is going to include the tongue palpation, but that not every exam will include the nasal scoping. Eeeeeek!


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my boyfriend doesnt get scans I guess being he his tumor was isolated, it was the origin, and only stage 2. they dont feel they need to put him thru the additional scanning after the aggressive protocol they put him thru of rads/chemo, but they havent done scans like for others. He sticks the tube up the nose, unk if the same one goes down thru his throat, but they do check the throat, in and out, all around, prod, poke poke poke, a real mission to find something, fortunately finding nothing, and almost 9 months out of treatment.

but he goes thru this every 3 months. thats the point I mean.


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Dont be scared about the follow ups. I have had 6 follow ups 2 with each doc since I finished in Nov. I get scoped at all the visits with the rad/onc and ent. They found a spot on the base of my tongue that was removed prior to treatment.
Yes, it is uncomfortable but not as much as the palpation as mentioned above. Keep a positive attitude now that you are finished. They killed the C and that is what your mind should be on.
How is your voice etc. doing ? I have my ent the end of the month
Best wishes & Prayers

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We are headed to a cat scan and scope tomorrow also... can't help but be nervous.

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Hope all goes well! I will be thinking of you!


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Best of luck on your six-month checkup Survivor! I've only had the nose scope once in approaching four months post chemo and rads--base of tongue primary, mets to two lymph glands. I'm headed for precautionary partial neck dissection on the 27th of this month, and will see my ENT for a pre op meeting next week. He usually moves quickly to put his hand down my throat to feel the base of my tongue. The first time he slipped on his gloves and said, "Let me check," and stuck his fingers so far down my throat I thought he was trying to pick my pocket from the inside. It didn't last long and I just gagged my way through it. There's not much he can say to really prepare you for it, so he just jumps in and usually apologizes for making me gag.

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t hank you guys for all the advice

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