BMB re-scheduled for Friday

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Un-believable! I just got a call from the cancer clinic saying they overlooked getting a pre-authorization from my insurance for the biopsy and I would have to wait until they got it. I asked her why they couldn't call the insurance co and get one faxed...the gal said she was just relaying the info my doctors nurse had given to her...what kind of an answer is that? I know it's only 3 days difference, but come's hard to keep waiting and staying calm and then being delayed. It sure screws with the mind...ya know? Geesh!!!!


  • COBRA666
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    Sue, I hate to say it, but whats more important; our health or that mighty dollar. To cut it short all an authorization is an agreement of whos paying for it. I don't know about you, but when ever I have to go to the Dr.,Dentist,etc. the first thing they ask me is who is my insurance carrier. It's a shame, I know. What can we do besides wait and worry? I bet we all been thru that same thing.
  • merrywinner
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    Sorry to hear that. If they only knew how difficult the waiting is and the mental preparation and the need to just get it over with, they would be more careful. But perhaps everything happens for a reason. Now, being that it will be a Friday you won't be waiting by the phone wondering because you won't hear anything on the weekend. Lol, I tried!! Mary