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Incision still swollen from total thyroidectomy

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I had total thyroidectomy June 3, and the incision site is still swollen - about the size of an egg. I still have trouble swallowing at times. Is this normal? If so, how long does swelling last? Should I be concerned?

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For me the incision site was decently swollen for about 1 week, but it is still (since march) got a bit of a bump across the scar (about the thickness of a pencil).

When is your followup for your surgery? if it is soon (next week or so) then i would wait for the appointment. If it is longer than a week I would call the doctors and see if they want you to come in earlier or such.

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Let them know what is going on, and ask to be seen. It could be an infection. In the mean time put a wet warm washcloth on it at least 4 times a day to see if that reduces the swelling, or brings puss to the surface of the wound.

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I have the same thing and it really hurts. I feel like I am being choked and swallowing is painful but I still manage to eat. Drinking water is more challenging. My surgeon looked at it and said it was definitely swollen but it appeared the swelling was fluid in the tissue as opposed to a pocket of fluid behind the skin or muscle. I really have felt like I would pass out from the pain..it is as if I have a "wire noose" being tightened around my neck. My incision itself has a bump the whole length but the cut line is almost invisable. I have been wearing a silicone scaraway patch which helps it feel better probably by supporting the swollen area.

I also have very sore middle ears, loud ringing in my ears especially the right ear (a roar) a very sore throat and a very weak voice. It hurts to talk and I have to strain. I found that putting warm compresses on the incision and neck helps a lot. also lying down seems to take the pressure off of that area. Certain times of the day it is worse than others. Very gradually it seems to be getting a little bit smaller. I have real trouble swallowing pills. They seem to get stuck mid-way. I am praying these symptoms are temporary and are associated with the large swelling area? My TT was June 11 about a week after yours.

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I had thyroid surgery 10 days ago and I have the egg also. It bothers me and makes swallowing difficult. How long did it take for the swelling to go down?

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My surgery was August 8,2018. I still have swelling at the incision site. It makes swallowing and turning my head difficult. I sleep practically sitting up +surgeon's suggestion) and it hasn't helped. I'm concerned that there is something going on. Anyone else have this issue? Any advice or suggestions would be great!

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