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i have never had one. last time i saw my onc he said i needed one. then upon examination he saw the colostomy and said oh i forgot about that. so he did not schedule one.

can you get a colonoscopy with a ostomy? i've been having abdominal cramps and it is worrying me.

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I know you can have one after having a colostomy....I just wonder if its necessary to drink the same amount of liquid as you did prior to surgery.....Talk to your docs.....steve

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i have no idea, but i did attend one colostomate meeting here, and i met a woman who irrigates every day. i'd never heard of that, so maybe you don't have to drink all those liquids. just irrigate. it's kinda scary, going thru the stoma.

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As long as you have a rectum and/or any part of a colon, they should
schedule a colonoscopy. I'm an ileostomate, and I'm due for a

We can still have a cancer growing in that section, even though
it's not connected to the rest of the system.

The abdominal cramps can be from adhesions, or slight obstructions
due to the adhesions and surgery; That's usually the outcome of
abdominal surgery.... It's that common!

The remaining colon should be checked anyway, since any infection
in there can also be a problem.

Rather than continue to see the oncologist for these problems,
you should really be seeing a gastrointestinal specialist, or a
colorectal surgeon. Both are more suited to diagnose abdominal
cramps and problems than an oncologist.

Oh... and....

Since the colon has been disconnected from the rest of your
digestive tract, drinking anything isn't going to get to that part of
your colon.

Happy daze!


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that is a lot of good information. i don't have a gastro doctor. a gyn onc/surgeon did my surgery. i will get a referral. i have heard of adhesions. this does feel like a slight obstruction. i hope it's nothing, but it happens all day long and makes me feel sick. can't eat much at one sitting either. feels like i'm full all the time. and these symptoms are not foreign to me, that's what's scary. i hope it's nothing, but i hope i don't have to have these cramps all the time either.

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I just spent from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon with
some of the worst abdominal pain I've had since the tumor.

I had foolishly devoured two large ears of corn Friday afternoon.

I realized I had a blockage Friday evening, and not too much
I could do about it, since all my doctors (western med and TCM)
were done for the weekend.

I was up almost all night Saturday night putting heat packs on my
stomach and massaging the area.

Good grief, what pain. Dry heaves, chills...

It finally worked itself free around noon on Sunday. Well, almost
all free... at least the constant pain is gone as I type this...

So yeah, adhesions and eating without fully chewing each thing
(like mom always told us to) can result in an obstruction.

Things like corn, broccoli, nuts, and anything that doesn't
easily dissolve, can jamb up if not chewed sufficiently.

This was the first blockage I've had in over three+ years though,
if that make you feel better about the odds of it.

Live and learn.... (phooie)

Good health!


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I have not had corn on the cob since last June and jersey corn is the best of any state I have been in (must be something to do with survival of the fittest). I had two ears last week. I was worried about a blockage, but fortunately I was fine. Now the onset if diarrhea while not unexpected (I ate many things I should not have that day) was both a relief and a pain in the...well you get the picture.

I found a bit of heat and massages in the area helped a lot when I had my ileo. I have had no problems (blockage-wise) since my takedown.

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Yes,I have a colostomy,and my last colonoscopy was done thru the stoma.The preparation is the same,you have to drink the go lightly stuff,and use two bags,wear one while you empty the other,or else you will spray all over.It is actually easier thru the stoma.I did the colonoscopy,and endoscopy at the same time,but not with the same camera.Good luck.

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I'm simply cutting and pasting the reply I gave KeepThink3 on this same topic.

Let me first assure you, there is nothing to be afraid of. :)
But I understand your trepidation.

First of all the prep.
The only difference here is that you will be given a "mega bag" to wear for the duration of the prep. It's an open bag that reaches down to your ankle, but you fold it up and peg the bottom of the bag to the top, you unpeg to drain it down the "loo". You'll need to keep a jug of water in the toilet to flush it clean after each empty otherwise the end gets really mucky. ewww.
Please note that as "bag" people we have a huge advantage over those poor unfortunates who still have a bottom. We don't have to spend the night glued to the toilet seat getting a sore butt from all the output.

After the colonoscopy.
I found my tummy was achy for a couple of days, and my digestive tract seemed to shut down. Understandable, it's just had big shock. I didn't have output for 9 days afterwards. Not a blockage, just constipation.
On the doctors recommendation I bought some Senna tablets. 1/2 - 1 tablet will be ample to get things moving again.
Don't try to push things through quicker by taking 2 tablets. I tried that with disastrous results that took me over an hour to clean up. (I was changing my bag when the output starting coming with the force of a fire hose, I never knew it could shoot out that far. LOLOL ) Never a dull moment for us Bag Ladies.

Good luck with the procedure, let us know how you went on OK?

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