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side effects

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Hey all, I've had a real hard time swallowing today. Any thoughts or comments? Also, I know there are wig and turban banks, does anyone know of places that will wash your hair? With the chemo line I can't do it without getting my PICC Line wet, and I'm starting to feel gross. Thanks, Melodie

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Check with the local ACS people. Here (Maine) they knew who would provide hair care gratis for folks who were undergoing or about to undergo treatment... that includes, washes, cuts, wigs, you name it. There are people who care specially!

If you aren't due for a routine evaluation (weekly, usually, I think) then ask at your next treatment to speak to a nurse about the swallowing. Every new problem needs to be addressed promptly- don't wait! Swallowing and mouth sores are common and the staff will help you.

Fyi, I lost lots of hair but never was bald. I used the wig I got once and more for the fun of it than for reasons of vanity. After that, I wasn't going anywhere anyway and I found it just too hot. After treatment, my normally straight hair had these lovely curls for almost a year. I rather liked them!

Hang in... be sure to do whatever the docs and nurses suggest to be as comfortable as possible.


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I found a way to wash my hair. I had a sock over the picc line stuff and then my husband wound put a small towel over it and then saran wrap. I would lean down in the tub and leave my right arm out of the tub and the fanny pack on the floor. I would was my hair with one hand, my left. Now, it depends on which way your tub is set up. If you are facing the faucets and can put your picc line arm out then it will work. If not, then maybe using one of those hand held shower things and leaning down with your arm out. It's quite a task, I will tell you that. But I found a way to make it work. The other thing is to have it washed at a salon or as Priscilla said there are hair care gratis for folks. There was a salon at MD Anderson, I just found a way to work it out myself.

It takes some creativity....


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My radiation oncologist prescribed Caphosol for my mouth sores. It helped. I had them for about 10-14 days. I didn't have any mouth sores on the second round of chemo.


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