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Newly diagnosed.... lots of questons!!

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I am new to the forum, and am looking for some answers! About a month ago my dermatologist biopsied 4 moles, and one was melanoma. She scheduled surgery right away and excised a larger area and sent it to the lab. When I was there for the surgery I pointed out another mole that was brown, with a darker mole inside on the edge. She biopsied that one and now I am waiting for both lab results. I also noticed where she biopsied the the other mole the area that was darker on the edge is still there and looks to have grown downward.. now I am really worried and hate waiting for lab results. I am afraid it is another melanoma.... and if so what does that mean to have to different spots at the same time (right upper arm/left lower calf)
Thanks for any information and/or help!!!

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Melanoma is scary. But don't jump the gun. Every thing depends on the depth of each melanoma.
First you need a copy of the report from the pathologist. Then here is a good place to start. http://www.melanoma.org/learn-more/melanoma-101/melanoma-stages-treatment-options.

Also, the bulletin board on this site is very active. However, let me warn you in advance, it is also a very scary place. More than half the folks there seem to have stage IV cancer, but they are very knowledgeable and very supportive.

Stage 3

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Thanks, Mary!!

I am trying to stay grounded and not panic!! I am having a hard time sleeping and every time I look at one of my moles I swear it has changed!! I hope to hear something from my doctor early this week. Both on the arm (excision) to see how deep it was... and the calf (biopsy) I keep looking at where the mole was on my calf and see the dark part that has obviously grown down... of course I am having a hard time not thinking the worse!
Thanks for you input.


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There is no question that melanoma is a scary thing. One of things I have seen is more and more of my friends have been making appointments to see a dermatologist. I learned that I had stage III while sitting in the Denver Airport on my way to one of my sons' college graduation over a year ago. It was very sobering and scary; it actually got scarier as I learned more.

There is hope! Since my diagnosis last year I have had two surgeries to remove the tumor on my head. After that I started the interferon regimen. It has not been easy, but I have been able to get to work most days. Sometimes it seems like the treatments will last forever. I only have fourteen more treatments left.

When I wake up in the morning, I look around and say to myself, "Hey, I woke up!" Hopefully you have a good support network of family and friends. That will be important. I have learned to let people know how serious melanoma is; before this I had no clue. The more your friends and family understand, the more helpful they will be.

Keep the faith!


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I was diagnosed with melanoma in Feb 2010. In April I had a wide excision done on my left neck-tumor was removed and margins and closest lymph node(biopsy) came back negative. Everything seemed great. About 2 mos later a small lump started to appear by the incision-told it was scar tissue to watch it-gradually started getting bigger went back in and they did a needle biopsy which came back as melanoma. On Sept. 28th I will be having a modified radical neck dissection done with some sort of treatment to follow. When you feel fine it is hard to understand or realize that I have a very serious disease. I am 44 yrs old, married and have 2 girls ages 7 and 5 I work full time as a Research RN in cardiology. I keep looking up more information regarding melanoma and staging and treatments I see great stories from people who are fighting this horrible disease. I am trying to stay positive but it is very scary not knowing what will happen......

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Talk about it with others that have been there. Listen to the doc and take someone with you when you do talk to the doc. I only heard about half of what they ever said to me so my wife would fill in the blanks when I regained consciousness. This will change your life, your mental health is just as important if not more. When you settle on a treatment do lots of research and know all the in’s and out’s. Bryan

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 3c melanoma and a missing primary on Father's Day of this year, his name is also "Bob". His rather large tumor was located in his upper leg/groin area. He is now back to work but has not decided how to proceed with future treatment.

You are not alone and will find a lot of support here and on other sites of your choosing but Washoegal's advise is good, the discussion boards can be a scarey place sometimes. Don't worry too far in the future or you can go crazy with fear.

Just knowing that you can come here and write down your worries will be comforting, someone will respond to you, someone will comfort you, you will not have to be alone.

Deb, the caretaker
lovingwife of Bob

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