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Pancreatic cancer

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As most cancers go, the patient is so sick with many things and with the pancreas, the loss of weight and appetite and strength can be devastating. My husband has lost about 50 pounds and is very weak and unable to do much about it. He is supposed to get chemo in 2 weeks and I am afraid he will be too weak and thin for it. Has any1 been refused chemo because of this?

Thanks for any input,
Gayle (caregiver)

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You might ask your husband's oncologist about having a feeding tube put in to help him maintain and possibly gain back a little weight. I have gone through stage 3 pancreatic cancer. I had lost 50 pounds in less than a month. I could not make myself eat or drink anything, much less hold it down if i tried. I was taking rads and chemo at the time. I told my doctors about my problem and they put in a "J-tube". This was the only way I could have any kind of nutrition for some time. Even if your husband isn't on chemo yet. He should be able to have this done! The "J-tube" goes into the small intestine right after the stomach. I had a back pack with a pump in it. I filled up a plastic bag with a formula called Perative (sp). You can moderate the input of the formula. Starting out small and gradually increase it. Your doctor should be able to fill you in on all the details how it works. Mine stayed in till I had my Whipple in Sept. 2008.

Keeping you and your husband in my prayers!


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I know how you feel. My s/o is very rarely able to keep anything down. She will not do a feeding tube. right now she is soo sick, not only from chemo, but from the fluid build up in her abdomen pressing on her stomach... She has not had surgery nor, will she, as far as we can tell; Her cancer was stage 4 when diagnosed. The Gemzar did not keep it from spreading so she is now trying something different.... It's been 4 months since the diagnosis and I'm terrified she won't last until Thanksgiving...

I hope things have/are going better for you and yours.

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I sounds as if my brother is in the same shape he can eat very little and has little to none as far as strength. He was Stage 4 at Diagnosis and His prognosis is not good. His pain is also in his stomach and he is so swollen. He looks past 9 months pregnant, the swelling is actually going around the sides and now his feet are huge everyday. He is so very tired. He has one round of Chemo and it knocked him for a loop and now it is time for another next Thursday. I am so scared that this Chemo is doint more harm than good. Will it get better.

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