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Rising CEA

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Well not great news.. CEA in Dec less than 1 in April 4 in July 6... they want to do another CEA in August as nothing shows on CT scan. Just feel so low right now.

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Hi Chip,

Sorry you feel so low right now. I hope this slight rise is nothing. My understanding is the CT is more definitive. Hopefully the CEA in August will reflect the CT scan. This d@#$ disease really keeps us on our toes; always wondering what is next. I hope only good things come your way.

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I hope you are doing o.k. Hang in there. Have they talked about a PET scan? I hope your CEA goes back down. Thinking about you.

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Those CEA's will drive us crazy ya know. Have they been a good indicator in the past? My onc always tells me that he puts more faith in the Ct's than those often unreliable CEA's.
Hoping your next one is heading downward:)


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Hey, Chip.

You've been doing so well! I pray this is a big, fat nothing! I know you won't relax, though, until you really know.

Hope you won't feel too low. I'm going to give you extra hugs, in case they help.

*lots of hugs*

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I talked to onc and he is doing a blood test and PET / CT scan the first week in august. We'll then take the next steps. What was so discouraging to me was this was almost 1/5 years from the last lung surgery. My daughter is starting high school (I teach there) and coach and she was really excited. This knocked her down and puts much uncertaincy in the air and the dissappointment hurts. Thanks all

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Hi Chip,

Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and saying a prayer right now for your spirits to be lifted. I know it will hard waiting for August to come. Me too- my next scan will be in August & I've had bad scans in August 3 years in a row, starting w/ my initial diagnosis and then two recurrences so, in spite of the fact that my CEA has actually been falling while in treatment lately- I really am dreading this August's scan. This will be the first summer that I will have been in active treatment though, so I hope and pray this August will bring me better news- that things are shrinking. I will hope the best for you too. I know that horrid feeling you're having- sorry your daughter and family has to experience it too. So lousy!
You've just got to work on finding a way to uplift yourself and not dwell on it so much, if at all possible- fun summer activities, hopefully.

You take care of yourself-

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Hi Lisa,

I hope and believe you are going to see good results in August.

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Maybe it wont be anything, maybe you will be just fine and be teaching her in HS. Will keep you in my prayers buddy...take care and please keep us posted..


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Yes......... That kind of news certainly is upsetting. Just makes everything all "ify" again. Just when you are thinking all CLEAR.... Bam.... I too know the feeling. However, like the others have said.... it could very well be nothing. I too will be praying for good results. You sure deserve them. Take care and keep us informed.


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Hi Chip,

I also had my CEA rise from 1.9 at time of DX March of 09. It stayed at 1.9 from DX till April 2010. It went up to 4 in April and 6.9 in June. I just had a CT scan which said things were stable. My doctor had always said CEA was not a good indicator for me because it was low at time of DX. I noticed my self on Thursday on the print out of my bloodwork that it had gone up to 6. I was able to talk to PA on the phone, she wanted to talk to the Dr and said that would call me back. I will call back tomorrow if I do not hear from them.

I am also a teacher and was DX when my daughter was a student in the school I teach in. It was really upsetting to her. I did continue working but was out for treatments. She felt really bad that I wasn't there all of the time. Her and her friends loved having me in the school with them. I felt terrible every time I had to miss any school events and so did she.

Any bad news is so hard to deal with. Like Jennie said it makes everything "ify" again. I have been losing sleep since I noticed my CEA level on thur. I immediately started worrying about it and haven't stopped.

Good Luck,


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thinking of you and hope your cea levels start to drop. Hugs

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Chip - I'm going through the same thing right now. CEA was 1.9 in April, 2.3 in May, and 4.3 in June. A CT Scan the end of May was clear, so tomorrow I have a PET Scan. My CEA levels rose in this manner with first recurrence, which was just old tumors not removed with 1st surgery. So they think CEA tracks my disease pretty well, but in this case I hope not! we'll know more in a week.

I've posted about this and plenty of folks say it goes up and down and all around--could be infection or inflammation. Still worrisome. Glad to hear you've got a PET Scan coming up. Try to stay positive and focus on the now. Thinking happy thoughts for you. Traci

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Sorry CEA has gone upand has you feling down but that could mean a majority of things
as you already know try to not get stressed over it easier said than done I know . Sounds like DR isnt anxious about it or he would have scan done earlier take care and enjoy the good days


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