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Response DX tests in

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My husband had his tumor tested for the ERCCI, TS, EFGR and BRAF gene to see if he had a low expression or a high expression and found out that Folfiri and Erbitux are best for him. Where as folfox would not be as effective because of his high expression of the TS. We just got our test results back so I'll spend some more time looking up these genes on the internet to see what I can find out.

He also had a PET and a CT and the tumors in the liver are stable-I am happy with stable. CEA looks good at 1.6. NO Activity would have been better, but stable is good.

We are going on vacation. Off to Vegas on the 19th and then to Florida August 1. Needless to say my husband is taking a month off chemo.

Also while he was on chemo he started taking 10000 IU of vitamin D3, Cellular Forte with IP 6 and inositol, Colon Plus caps which include: (mannitol, kelgin, apple pectin, peppermint, flax seed, anise, Bromelain, celery, lactobacillus acidophilus, Aloe vera, prune) and buffered vitamin C. All of these were prescribed by an integrative doctor, and he will continue while he is off chemo. He complains of the size and the quantity, and I just want him to take the %#@% pills! and give up sugar, and eat healthy- OK maybe I ask for too much, but he puts up with my demands most of the time. The sugar and Burger King are negotiable.

The oncologist said all of his other numbers look great and of course he wants him to continue with this regimen of Chemo. I guess we'll do another three months and scan again.
Have a great weekend!

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Looks like a favorable report to me. Stable is good. George and I took the news "stable" "shrinking" no new activity from his onc as a really good report considering where we started.

Have a blast in Vegas. We are on vacation now up in Mid-Michigan and are going to Vegas at the end of August for 5 days. The national parks are out because of the neuropathy but heck, we have seen them, so not too disappointed. We usually combine national parks and Vegas for 10 days. Not the ideal time to go to Vegas but heck, used frequent flyer miles for tickets and the free hotel stuff and the end of August worked.

Cancer has taken enough from us, as long as George feels well, we are going forward enjoying life.

Have fun on vacation and tell hubby to enjoy his break from chemo and to take all the pills you put together for him, you do it because of love (throw in a few tears and he will quit complaining).

Wishing you nothting but the best.

Tina and George

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That sounds like a good report. Hope y'all have a great weekend, too!


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