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Please help my dad!PLEASE!

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First,thank you for your coming.My dad was diagnosed with Glioblastoma last month.We are very sad to hear that,because I can't believe it.My dad is a police.He is always very healthy,but now...
I begin to search anything about this at internet,but i find that nobody know the reason of this disease.
At chinese,doctor are remiss of patients.So,we must get information by ourselves.
My dad's tumor start to growing about 1 years ago.Is there anybody can tell me anything about this tumor?
We are afraid surgery,because we have no money,i can sell everything if i have,but it's to expensive.surgery 、radiation and chemotherapy will cost us 30-thousand dollar.But i even have no 2 thousand dollor!I really wanna save him...I say that i love him every day.
If we can't get surgery,is there any other way to treat?
For example:diet,rest,medicine..etc.
Thank you for your reply!
God bless my dad!

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I can't tell from your post if you are in China or the US, but wouldn't your father have insurance coverage of some kind, as a policeman?
If not, and you are in the US, there are agencies that will help you. I would actually suggest you contact the people who run this site - the American Cancer Society, I'm sure they can give you information on where to find financial help.
ACS link

take care, and good luck,

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Prayers go along ways.Staying calm gave really good advice.The american Cancer Society maybe would help.Good luck and God Bless.

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Hi, eajum,

Did you find any help from the American Cancer Society?


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We lived in china,and my dad is a chinese police.Chinese government will apply for reimbursement 50 percents fee.Our salary is about 3,000 RMB(about $450),the cost of surgery is about $20,000.
It's too expensive for us.
But i will try my best to solve all problems.
We don't fix that ACS will help us.
If there are any chance,I even will enjoy america nationality if i can.
thank you for your grate help!

Best regards!


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